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Shipping logistics from China to the United States, you should know some customs clearance small knowledge

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
The United States as immigrants first big country, in recent years, more and more Chinese immigrants to the United States to settle down. Immigration to the United States for the first time, first to the domestic some articles for daily use is moved in the past, this for many new immigrants all don't know what to do, especially some knowledge about the customs. Below is VIPU international logistics Supply Chain small make up to summarize some small knowledge, for your reference. Immigration logistics to the United States customs policy & bull; U. S. government regulations, new immigrants live in overseas citizens, can be in in May in have and use more than 12 months or more since the use of articles and personal property, the tax exemption into ( Back to) The United States. • U. S. customs regulations, new items or use items need less than 12 months in a private baggage entry application form ( 3299 form) Adhere to in the declaration, declare customs will levy tariffs depending on the type of goods and value. • Due to the need of counter-terrorism, all the goods entry into the United States, must be in the ship offshore declare to the customs declaration for AMS system, 48 hours before the ship offshore filing ISF for 24 hours, such as declaration delay may lead to the highest fines of $5000. • Private goods entry into the United States without the consignee himself to the scene, but the applicant should provide the consignee's copy after photo page copy of passport, visa, customs clearance authorization, 3299 form, packing list and shipping bill of lading Fang Keqing shut. • Articles for daily use such as clothes, kitchenware, tableware, carpet, books and other personal items for their own use can be duty-free entry. • Personal property such as furniture, furniture, jewelry, electrical appliances, piano, safe deposit box, photographic equipment, and equipped with instruments needed for work such as tong tong can be duty free into the United States, but must be for personal use and not commercial use abroad and items in the domestic use for a year or more. • Traffic tools for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, these items are followed my entry into the United States, need to be yourself before leaving the original reservation has been purchased, and at least one year in the United States in the future are not allowed to be sold, so then you can be duty-free entry into the United States. If less than a year in the United States to sell, for these items in the future payment of taxes. • Household pets such as cats and dogs must comply with us customs specific rules, such as livestock to into the United States. • Duty-free liquor and tobacco, cigarettes as a share of logistics to the United States, the family inside every adult, with 0. 95 liters of alcohol duty-free access to the United States, can also be duty-free zone 300 cigarettes or 50 cigars, or 1. 35 kg of tobacco leaves, Not made in Cuba) Samples, or number of entry. If the number is beyond limit entry into the United States, you must pay the extra tariffs. Immigration logistics to notice & bull; U. S. customs logistics for immigration, little goods arrival time limit, as long as you hold a visa or green card, provisions are available for private goods customs clearance. • U. S. customs for ordinary new goods tariffs of about 6%, but for all new textiles, bedroom furniture, etc. Will levy a tax on the tilting pin, usually for 30 - About 45%, of course, personal baggage in reasonable range for private use, appropriate to bring some new goods customs tariff tend not to levy taxes. • Due to the need of terrorism, the United States customs inspection rate will be around 10%, usually take X-ray scanning way, such as scanning has prohibited item, the customs will adopt the method of artificial inspection, which will generate additional costs. • Train system are really good in the United States, a vast inland port, but arrived in inland cities, most would choose in Los Angeles, Mae west) And New York, Eastern) Given to handle customs clearance, because the basic port customs clearance time is longer than the inland port will be many. Articles carried by the logistics to the United States immigration advice and Suggestions & bull; The voltage is 110 v, so most of the domestic electrical appliances can't be used in the United States, if you want to use domestic appliances into the United States, please determine appliances can adapt to the local voltage. • If you plan to carry goods such as tea, please ensure that within the scope of the reasonable for private use, usually 2 - for an ordinary family 3 months of usage, such as carrying too many customs officials may ask opening, and then generate additional costs. • Of animal and plant disease prevention and control is very strict in the United States, according to the regulations of the customs, all meat food, milk, beans or soil and wood products, all can't come with the baggage after entry, therefore you are advised to check your items before of shipment within those items. • If you plan to bring alcoholic goods, the customs will require a separate to declare, declare when need to indicate the type, degree, capacity of the wine, wine besides will impose high tariffs, customs officials tend to be out of the view that it is not recommended to carry & bull; By the American charter, the following items are not allowed to be following entry into the United States: drugs; Plants and position of seed; Animals and animal fur; Raw meat and raw leather; North Korea, Rhodesia or Cuba products tourists cannot be brought into the United States; Precious metals such as gold; Guns and weapons if you need immigrants logistics service to the United States, quickly call VIPU international logistics Supply Chain, we have been successful for thousands of customers complete convenient smooth one-stop door to door whole flow of international logistics service!
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