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Shipping exports, should choose the whole case or mixed container transport?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
When we export large quantities of goods generally choose the shipping way, because large quantities of goods export, shipping is the most cheap compared to other transportation way. In shipping, exports is divided into LCL and FCL, LCL and FCL which time? Low cost? LCL ( Less Than Container Load, LCL) Refers to the carrier, Or agents) Accept the shipper checked the number of less than full container freight receipts, according to the nature and destination for sorting. Put the goods to the same destination, to focus on a certain amount of assembled into the box. The whole case, Full Container Load, FCL) , in contrast to the LCL, in container transportation business, we put a container, an exporter, a consignee, the port of destination, to meet the conditions of the goods is called 'four' whole container transport, also known as the whole case goods. The transportation cost of LCL and FCL, both on the procedures and are of great differences in the time and cost, between the two is not the simple '1 + 1 = 2' the addend and relationships. First, LCL, customs clearance procedure is more complicated than the whole case, the time spent longer in the first place, the whole case goods is in conformity with export and import countries customs inspection, to start, the smallest unit of release, a batch of goods, as long as people of export and import of documents presented reasonable and lawful and intact, export customs and import customs after completed the formalities and collect relevant taxes and fees, will soon be clearance. The LCL goods will not have such a simple and quick. As long as the goods in the container documents they have one vote goods, export customs will not to release the goods. For export customs clearance must be made in container of customs seal is allowed after loading container. Therefore, in the same container, any goods are not customs clearance, is bound to affect other goods export and transport in a timely manner. Second, LCL has no source universality and flexibility of the whole case. LCL need extra solicit and reasonable collocation some transport company of the loading port, destination port, delivery time, the variety, size, weight and so on various aspects of the conditions are suitable to export goods with into the same container. These requirements are very difficult to do it, need time is long. If the owner check transportation company management ability is not strong, so, goods transport time will delay longer. Finally, in the general case, the whole case goods can be directly in the mainland port of shipment, and LCL cargo for mainland supply is relatively small, coastal sources more factors, only suitable for in the developed coastal port of delivery. It may also give shipment many additional trouble. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the our country government, export goods must pass the commodity inspection bureau inspection production and export customs declaration is located. If the goods at the location of the production of the province ( Autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) Local customs export within the scope of their jurisdiction, deal with a batch of goods need to the commodity inspection is ok. Otherwise, if it is beyond the customs declaration, a number of legal inspection of export commodities, must go through two inspection, the customs will be released. Second, LCL is higher than the cost of the whole case under normal circumstances, shipping the goods in whole container transport freight use generally includes three surcharges for freight, shipping and handling charges. LCL and FCL freight and transportation surcharge should be the same, the difference only lies in the cost of the port of shipment shall be assembled and split open a case and so on a fee on the port of destination, therefore, with the whole case, we may have some LCL, devanning LCL fee and storage fee. In addition, tell from the economics, the bigger the quantity and value of each transaction, the transaction cost is low, on the contrary, the smaller the quantity and the amount of the higher transaction costs. Compared with the whole case goods, LCL shipment quantity and value are generally smaller, and communications, the l/c, such as certificate of origin, customs declaration cost, from this Angle to accounting, LCL cargo unit transaction cost is higher than the whole case goods. We also need to think about, if the goods cannot be shipped in time, will produce kui freight. For the whole case, the fees charged by the shipping company is fixed, the LCL forwarder because it was only by way of the whole case to ship company booking space and operation. If the cause of the shipper space empty, LCL forwarder will loss or profit, therefore may charge high kui freight forwarder. About loss of freight, specific refer to article before kui boxes on the sea LCL transportation fee of those things 'in conclusion, the whole case when the time is shorter, cost is relatively low, but also as the case may be, if your goods more than 18 choose the whole case, if not, can only be LCL. Finally, in the goods go LCL or FCL, the whole into consideration, we think twice before you do, should not only consider cost, invisible risk must also be considered.
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