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Shipping dry: handle dangerous goods shipper do you use? _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-29
1. Maritime dangerous goods shipper booking must be made out of different risk characteristics respectively according to the consignment for booking ship, so that the ship according to the different characteristics of dangerous goods in accordance with the 'regulations of the international maritime dangerous' stow the crater transportation respectively, and the isolation requirements for safety. Such as a letter of credit and at the same time in the contract shipment oxidant, flammable liquid, and corrosion product three different nature of the goods, shipper must be made out according to three different properties of dangerous goods are three copies of the consignment, cut not a consignment note and check in three kinds of incompatible nature of dangerous goods; Otherwise, the ship will be three incompatible dangerous goods packed together, three kinds of different nature, incompatible goods so it's easy to contact each other, to produce chemical reaction, cause burning and explosion, cause an accident. , container transport, avoid by all means is incompatible with dangerous goods packed in a container. 2. In the consignment. In addition to the content of the general ordinary goods need together ( Such as the port of destination, shipping mark, consignee, notify party, commodity, weight, size, number, etc. ) , dangerous goods consignment note still need to add the following seven content: A. The name of the goods must be with the right chemistry scientific or technical name, cannot use the people are not familiar with the common name for a commodity. For example:; Throughout & bleaching powder or of bleaching powder; Can not use the BLEACHING POWDER, and should use; Arsenic trioxide & throughout; 。 B。 Must indicate the DANGEROUS goods DANGEROUS CARGO, in order to cause the attention of the ship and the ship agent. C。 Must indicate the nature of the dangerous goods and categories. For example: antioxidant ( 氧化剂) And 5. Type 1 ( 5类。 1) Words, or flammable liquids ( 易燃液体) And 3. 2 class ( 3班。 2) 。 D。 Must indicate the dangerous number, for example: phosphoric acid for U N NO. 1805. E. Must indicate the international maritime dangerous gauge PAGE, for example: potassium nitrate of IMDG CODE PAGE 5171. F。 Flammable liquid FLASH point should be noted, for example: FLASH PIONT 20 degrees Celsius. G。 In addition, the need to have a special request stowage, must also be specified on the consignment note, for the ships loading reference. For example: the goods must be loaded on DECK, need to indicate the DECK SHIPMENT ONLY. Need to stay AWAY FROM FIRE AND HEAT source of the goods, shall indicate the FAR AWAY FROM FIRE AND HEAT! And so on. The line of international logistics professional international air shipping agent, according to your actual condition to give the best logistics arrangement, save time and effort, the whole heart service for you!
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