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Shipping door to door to Japan, the concrete operation process is what

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Many have been to Japan study abroad or travel of Chinese citizens, I feel the Japanese living environment, social security system, medical education resources, can choose to start a new life in Japan, after moving to Japan, that how the domestic furniture items moved to Japan? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to summarize shipping door to door to the Japanese experience for many years, to share the following logistics experience. A, shipping door to door to specific operation process of Japanese 1 to obtain the mode of transportation, online consultation and offer if you want to know the shipping door to door to Japan's specific information, consult VIPU Supply Chain international customer service personnel, they according to your provide the place, destination and to transport the information such as the items, will tailor international for your personal belongings logistics solutions, providing information on Japanese customs policy and goods packaging Suggestions, etc. , and then offer according to your choice of service manner. Volume 2, door-to-door survey assessment when did your consultation, if you don't know the specific item volume, then VIPU international logistics Supply Chain will arrange professional staff for you to live at home, free on-site measurements to assess the volume of the items you want to check, then VIPU Supply Chain customer service staff will calculate the accurate quotation according to the specific data. 3, confirmation of order, the door packing when you determine the order of shipping door to door to Japan after, VIPU Supply Chain international international logistics transport contract with you, and then, based on your schedule for you choose shipping date and booking, booking space, after the completion of VIPU Supply Chain international council in accordance with the plan formulation, provide on-site packaging services. There will be professional packaging team carry VIPU international logistics Supply Chain is special packing materials and tools, check items for you to provide professional packaging. 4 and national customs and expense settlement VIPU Supply Chain international customer service staff will according to you provide certificate of material and the packing list for customs clearance, customs declaration, after the completion of VIPU has a dedicated customer service to inform you that the Supply Chain international conference took place after shipment, such as your dedicated customer service personnel will be in the form of mail to the Marine bill of lading issued by the shipping company give you confirmation, after confirmed, you can call the proceeds to VIPU account designated by the Supply Chain. 5, the Japanese port customs clearance and delivery of the ship arrived, VIPU Supply Chain agent in Japan will be according to the materials you provide customs clearance, and delivery to your door, provides the demolition of the outer packing, services in place, the assembly, remove rubbish, etc. At this point, you from domestic shipping door to door logistics trip to Japan. Second, some advice on shipping door to door to Japan from 1, shipped to Japan FCL or spell ark, can choose according to the size of the items you want to check the volume 2, Japan banned items, is according to the tariff rate method and Washington treaty have specific provision, etc. In addition to the anesthetic, guns, and some items prohibited entry travelers need to know. ( 1) Fake commodities counterfeit goods is famous of counterfeits. Carry the counterfeit goods entry in unknown circumstances, if was found by customs, items will be confiscated. In the above case, will not be further shall be investigated for legal responsibility, if carry entry under the condition of known, will constitute a crime. ( 2) Washington treaty provisions of goods specified in the Washington treaty of precious animal fur, leather products, such as ivory products as an object. Tiger, leopard cat's fur, crocodiles, lizards and other amphibious animal fur to restrict the object. Above is not only limited to products, animal itself. Even when buy confirmed that no problem, but if confirmed by the customs as restricted items, holders must make a choice: 1) Give up on the spot, 2) Returned at his own expense, 3) Temporary paid professional company, deal with the import license. ( 3) Food, plants, meat products, Ham, sausage, etc. ) Fruit, vegetable, flower seeds, and meat products, etc. , in addition to selling at the airport and through the inspection of goods, are not allowed into the territory. Except fish products. 。
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