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Shipping container consolidation cargo mixed matters needing attention

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
To protect the safety of shipping the goods, the loading of the goods is also a very important step, a little attention may contain much trouble, so the following VIPU international Supply Chain, in respect of goods and people talk about shipping containers spell conventional considerations? When mixed loading the goods should pay attention to item 1, different shape, different packing of the goods as far as possible not to put together. 2, from packaging ooze a dust, liquid and moisture, odor, such as goods, as far as possible not to put them with the other goods, in case of necessity, with canvas, plastic film, or other material. 3, light weight goods in relatively heavy weight goods. 4, packaging strength weak goods are to be packed in strong strength of the above goods. 5, liquid goods and cleaning goods are to be under your other goods as far as possible. 6, with sharp corners or have prominent part of the goods, need to cover, in order to avoid the damage of other goods. Shipping container loading should pay attention to 1, the loading rate of 90% of the time, the container have to be more careful. 2, container drag later, come to check it again, with a cabinet paper checking the container number, keep the seal of the driver to you, write down the seal number. 3, in any case the goods outfit ark, the cargo of the weight in the cabinet cannot exceed the maximum number of loading container, the container total income minus the container weight. Under normal circumstances, the total weight in container and weight of emblem on the door. 4, the units volume weight of each container is certain, therefore when loaded in the same goods, as long as know the density of the goods, can be concluded that the light is heavy goods or goods. 5, loading to load balance on the bottom, in particular, strictly prohibited to load center of gravity at one end. 6, avoid to produce concentrated load, such as in carrying the heavy goods such as machinery and equipment, should be laid on board at the bottom of liner materials, such as trying to diversify its load. 7, use manpower loading must pay attention to the packing in presence of & other An inverted & throughout; 、“ Flat & throughout; 、“ A stand & throughout; Indication such as loading and unloading. Be sure to use correct loading tool, bundle package goods is prohibited to use hand hook. In the box on the goods to load and tidy, close stowage. Easy to bundle off and fragile goods, packing to use liner or plywood are inserted into the goods, protect the goods in the mobile in the cabinet. 8, loaded pallet goods, want to exactly grasp the internal dimension and external packing containers, in order to calculate quantity of loading, in order to achieve to reduce his and the purpose of the cargo as much as possible. 9, calculate the container plan, remember the inside of the shipping container left/right corner each have a horny protruding, circa 10 x10x15cm to set aside space. 10, the cartons are not standard parts. The container before actual measure the size, don't just cardboard-box factory of the original data. And most of the time the goods carton, beside the middle than will be slightly raised, therefore, when calculating the space inside the container keep about two centimeters around is prudent. After 11, cartons are flexible, stacking compacted naturally. Before the container to loading and unloading of the foreman's exchange, let him know roughly the container plan. But not so slack off. When people doing manual labor can not sober brains, so it is important to note that in the next to supervise. 12, with a fork lift when packing, the freedom of will be subject to mechanical hoisting height and the height of the door frame. Therefore, in conditions allow, packing and forklift truck can load two layer at a time, but up and down to have a certain gap. 13, general with normal weight is 2 tons of fork lift, its free hoisting height is around 1250 px. But there is a kind of is all free hoisting height fork lift, the machinery as long as the overall height allowed, not influenced by the height of door is set up, and can easily stowed two layers of the goods. In addition, still should pay attention to the following goods should be covered by stow-wood, so that can make the goods fork out smoothly. 14, goods had better not naked, at least have a package, don't blindly to save space and lead to damage of goods, general goods also can have packaging. 15, women's short tube nylon yarn socks with silica gel particles, save money and very effective moistureproof method is experience, do not take a place, a 20 foot container lost almost four or five bags.
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