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Shipping company's business in container shipping export freight

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
As one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century, the container is loved by people for its standard size specifications and operating procedures. At present, shipping companies still occupy a dominant position in container transportation. Therefore, as the hub of international container transportation, how to do a good job of container equipment, grasp the supply of goods, rationally allocate containers between ports, accept bookings, and use container terminals It is extremely important for yards and freight stations to provide various services to shippers as their own agents. In a sense, the smooth operation of containers can be said to depend on the operating methods of shipping companies. So, what is the main business content of the shipping company? What processes do we go through in the container export freight business? Today, the editor will give you a detailed explanation of the business process of the shipping company. Generally in the container export freight business, the main business and business process of the shipping company are generally as follows:   1. Master the source of goods to be shipped Shipping companies usually use the following two methods to grasp the situation of the source of goods to be shipped, and plan to deploy empty containers according to them: Provisional booking-the so-called provisional booking is about 30 days before the ship arrives at the port It was pointed out that due to the earlier time to grasp the source of goods, it is difficult to determine whether these goods can be loaded on the scheduled ship and whether the final consignment quantity of these goods is accurate.   Confirmation of the booking-the so-called confirmation of booking is usually made 7-10 days before the ship arrives at the port, and the specific ship name and date of shipment can generally be confirmed. 2. Equipped with containers     no matter which mode of transportation is used, and the use of containers to load goods cannot be changed. Therefore, before carrying out container transportation, it is first called to be equipped with containers, especially when special container ships are used for transportation. Due to the special structure of this kind of ships, only container transportation can be loaded. Equipped with containers suitable for loading and transportation on special ships. Of course, in actual business, not all containers are equipped by shipping companies, and some shippers also have containers themselves. In addition, there are container leasing companies specifically for renting. To effectively utilize the container carrying capacity of ships, shipping companies should be equipped with a minimum number of containers, and special containers should also be equipped for special cargo transportation.  3. Accept consignment  The consignor or cargo shipper submits a booking orally or in writing to the shipping company or other agents before the deadline of the cargo shipment in accordance with the relevant provisions of the trade contract and the letter of credit. The shipping company decides whether to accept the application for consignment of these goods according to the transportation requirements of the consignment and the condition of the equipped containers. After the shipping company or its agent signs on the booking form, it means that it has agreed to accept the transportation of the goods. When the shipping company accepts the consignment, it should generally understand the following conditions:   (1) the detailed information of the booked cargo;   (2) transportation Requirements;   (3) loading and unloading port and delivery location;   (4) who is responsible for arranging inland transportation;   (5) the type and specification of the container.  4. Accept goods  (1) Under container transportation, the shipping company accepts goods at the following locations:    ①Container terminal yard. All the goods accepted at the container terminal yard are the whole container cargo that is packed by the shipper or the container freight station and transported to the terminal yard.   ②Container freight station. The container freight station accepts non-full container cargo transportation when acting as the agent of the shipping company.   ③ Shipper’s factory or warehouse. When the shipping company is responsible for arranging the inland transportation, the FCL is accepted at the shipper’s factory or warehouse. (2) In the above three acceptance methods, the shipping company must know:    ①whether it is necessary to borrow empty containers;    ②the number and types of containers required;    ③the time and place to receive the empty containers; Transportation;    ⑤The specific packing location of the goods;    ⑥Related special matters.   5. Shipment  The goods received through various methods are stored in the yard according to the yard plan, and can be loaded after the ship berths. All loading work is carried out by the terminal yard.   6. Prepare and send the main shipping documents in order to promptly issue the shipping notice to the consignee, and enable the container terminal yard of the destination port to compile the unloading plan and related inland transportation. After that, the shipping company or its agent will immediately prepare the relevant shipping documents and deliver them to the unloading port as soon as possible. Usually, the documents prepared and sent by the shipping company's agency are:   (1) a copy of the bill of lading or a copy of the station receipt;   (2) container number list;   (3) cargo manifest;   (4) container packing list ;  (5) Stowage plan;   (6) Shipment cargo damage report;   (7) Special cargo table, etc.  Editor's summary: After the detailed explanation of the above editor, I believe you have a certain understanding of how shipping companies operate containers. Now many friends who have immigrated or studied abroad prefer to carry large items such as furniture abroad. Compared with other modes of transportation, container shipping is more common and cost-effective. VIPU Supply Chain international logistics company provides professional door-to-door double customs clearance international logistics services for people going abroad or returning home all the year round. 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