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Shipping business, international shipping export business

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-05-23
????Shipping business, international shipping export business. In the maritime auxiliary service side. China has opened maritime tally, maritime customs declaration, dyeing and packing yard and other maritime auxiliary services. However, maritime business stipulates that foreign companies can only enter people in the form of joint ventures; maritime cargo storage services for maritime goods are limited to joint ventures, and the foreign share ratio is not 14 More than 4900; foreign companies are allowed [4 companies to establish container shipping companies in China through joint ventures to engage in loading, unloading, warehousing, container consolidation, etc .; foreign companies are allowed to build cargo ship terminals and special river channels. They can also be built within the development land they have invested in And operating dedicated berths. Encourage Sino-foreign joint ventures to build and operate public terminal shipping business. ????China has fulfilled its relevant commitments to WT0. The maritime business has gradually canceled the control of domestic maritime business, while encouraging investment in international maritime business. However, foreign shipping service providers can only establish joint ventures in China with Chinese joint venturers, and the shipping business is engaged in coastal and inland transportation. A joint venture shipping company must be established in the shipping business, and the foreign investor ’s contribution rate should not exceed 49%. At the same time, the highest responsible person of the joint venture, the shipping business such as the chairman of the board of directors and the general manager, must be appointed by the Chinese party. The commitment of the ocean shipping business is legalized by Article 32 of the 'International Maritime Shipping Regulations of the People's Republic of China' (hereinafter referred to as the 'Marine Shipping Regulations').
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