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Ship gardening tools to FBA in the United States

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-13
Recently, Mr. Liu found VIPUTRANS through a Google search for Sino-US special line shipping. He has a batch of gardening tools that need to be sent to Amazon, so he is looking for an international freight forwarder who specializes in one-stop service of Amazon FBA shipping. Soon the salesperson Kenny got in touch with Mr. Liu. Kenny learned that Mr. Liu’s cargo weight was 2000KG, and the products included shovel, branch shears, ordinary leaf shears, water scoops, small carts and many other goods. Mr. Liu wanted to ship by fba, so based on the weight of the goods, Kenny also quoted the price to Mr. Liu.

At first, Mr. Liu felt that the price we quoted him was high. He stated that he knew that other logistics companies offered relatively low prices, so Kenny communicated with Mr. Liu. Kenny saw Mr. Liu’s so-called low prices from other companies. In fact, this price There are still many expenses that have not been added. Kenny also confessed to Mr. Liu that, in fact, this kind of operation is to report a low price to attract customers, and other fees will be charged after the goods arrive at the port. This adds up to the cost.

Moreover, VIPUTRANS's US FBA price is all-inclusive, and the booking fee will also be reimbursed, and there will be no additional charges for the customer’s goods to the US port. The BOND fee is also included, so there will be no additional costs. . The overall operation process is also very simple, which truly saves customers' worry and effort. Later, Mr. Liu also checked the situation and found that it was indeed like this. Then he immediately contacted us, which also showed that we are more honest and made him feel relieved, so he was willing to cooperate with us.

Later, Mr. Liu also made an agreement with Kenny, VIPUTRANS business, and signed the US FBA ocean transportation contract. All prices are clearly priced and related requirements are also stated in the contract. Waiting for Mr. Liu to prepare the goods, and the goods will be delivered to our warehouse for customs declaration. Everything is easy to operate, and there will be no hidden costs. It really gives customers peace of mind during the whole process without any worries.
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