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Shenzhen which international Courier can send items _VIPUTRANS with battery

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-20
Shenzhen which international Courier can send items of the battery? There is no doubt that the world famous shenzhen charged battery products, huaqiang north of the city, after all, but as China's first city the title of battery. And battery products, is the sensitive goods, need strict way of packing and transportation to send to go abroad, it happened that, the battery product is absolutely indispensable in our life. The most common is the mobile phone, the author, watch battery. The shenzhen battery products and so famous, can be said to be the famous overseas, then let's how sent to go abroad, so many international express company in shenzhen, the international express items to send battery? Shenzhen all the lines of international logistics has professional battery forwarder channels, and exports have always dedicated to the battery products for many years, has a high quality international express way, can provide customers with, mobile phone, notebook, notes balance of electric vehicles, unmanned aircraft, remote control aircraft, and so on export goods all battery products. Familiar with all kinds of battery products in all parts of the world's current policies and steps, the customs clearance for customer object characteristics, delivery requirements, can provide customers with a personalized logistics plan. Shenzhen the line international express band battery items of channel 1, DHL international express 【 DHL。 Channel 】 Can send 0 500 kg goods, arrived in the UK, Australia, France, the United States, the Netherlands, Japan and other several countries and regions, the world's 200 postal services coverage. Check your timeliness 3 - as a whole 5 days, timeliness is smooth, hot season not warehouse. Can send a variety of built-in rechargeable battery, advantage is obvious. Courier fees to England: send 2 kg of objects arrived in the UK, transport cost is RMB 169. Send 3 kg items arrived in the UK, transport cost is RMB 210. Send 5 kg items arrived in the UK, transport cost is RMB 277. 2, Fedex international express 【 Macao Fedex - Specification 】 IE Can send 0 1000 kg of goods, to France, the United States, Britain and Japan the world 220 countries and regions, such as checking timeliness 1 - as a whole 6 days, timeliness is convenient, good reliability, hot season not discharge positions. Can sent a variety of built-in rechargeable battery products, can be independent export customs declaration, enjoy the express company export tax rebate policy. Courier fees detail: send the 2 kg object arrived in France, transport cost is 132 yuan; Send 5 kg items arrived in France, the transportation is 263 yuan. Send 10 kilograms thing arrived in France, transportation average price for 42. 23 yuan/kg. 3, UPS international express 【 The UPS - Red single 】 The first heavy and 0. 5 kg, regardless of weight. Arrived in Australia, Britain, Spain, Puerto Rico and the world's 220 several countries and areas. Check your timeliness 2 - as a whole 5 days, timeliness is smooth, match the local warehouse delivery. Can be sent the built-in rechargeable batteries, supporting facilities, rechargeable batteries and battery products, way advantage is obvious. Packages to England: net weight 25 kg goods arrived in the UK, transportation average price is 36 yuan/kg; Hair net weight 110 kg of the goods arrived in the UK, transport averaged about 32 yuan/kg, more significant brand advantage. In addition, in addition to the above express transportation channel, we can help you battery goods transportation in 220 countries around the world, can send universal item category. Shenzhen which international Courier take battery items, select a battery goods transport more than 10 years working experience in international freight operation of the line of international logistics, for customers to produce professional, efficient, convenient and quick, high quality battery cargo transportation services, if you need to master a large number of detailed information, please advisory web site online customer service.
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