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Shenzhen _VIPUTRANS Indian railway logistics which have advantage

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-20
India due to the rapid development of e-commerce market in India, many domestic sellers have the target market, in order to boost the domestic sellers shenzhen VIPUTRANS international logistics will be the development of India, VIPUTRANS international logistics and the biggest electricity, express Delhivery native to India and India's local customs clearance company, international express line opened India, India line logistics service, providing customers with customized express and air freight services, in order to satisfy the demands of enterprise customers personalized logistics service, the service worldwide, particularly in the Indian express, logistics and supply chain solutions. Indian railway logistics service is introduced: VIPUTRANS international logistics cooperation with air India, for India market dedicated production lines, air India route the goods from shenzhen, Hong Kong, to mumbai and new Delhi airport. 1. Transport: India's special line logistics freight including basic freight and local charges, but not including the destination customs duties, depending on local customs release of subject service advantages: 1, every Friday flights, time is fast, strong ability of customs clearance 2, channel stability, time guarantee 3, according to customer requirements, provides a very flexible and convenient customs clearance at the port of destination, import value added tax, customs, transport and other important link. 4, customs clearance process is simple and flexible, guarantee the clearance rate, directly into the warehouse, weight limit: there is no limit on the total weight. The maximum weight of a single package to 30 kg. Please confirm over. 6, volume restrictions: single size less than 150 cm, on three sides by no more than 200 cm. If more than, please further confirmation. 7, chargeable weight: package volume weight standard: length * width * height / 6000; Chargeable weight to the actual weight and foam weight to take larger chargeable weight. Indian railway logistics embargo items: 1. National circulation or delivery of the goods are prohibited by laws and regulations; 2. Explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive and toxic and other dangerous articles; 3. The reactionary newspapers, books, Windows or pornographic materials; 4. All kinds of currency; 5. Harm to the health of the public goods; 6. Perishable items; 7. Live animals; 8. Not correct packaging items, may endanger personal safety, pollution or damage to the other mail equipment; 9. Other conditions are not suitable for mail items, including liquid, powder, food, tea, medicine, imitation card, etc. If the embargo item was posted, will find that the carrier may impose a fine, the sender will be fined.
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