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Shenzhen _VIPUTRANS airlifted to Mexico

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-19
In order to solve the problems of the Mexican cross-border electricity, transportation, all the lines of international logistics and airlines strategic cooperation. For cross-border electricity of cargo customs clearance and air problems provides high quality solutions, since it was introduced the service for the general Mexico electricity sellers. Items from shenzhen, Hong Kong, take off, no transfers, boost domestic electricity business needs of individuals and enterprises to provide convenient, efficient and cost-effective global air freight services. For the foreign trade business and individual sellers provide more high quality, affordable, efficient and stable international logistics services and solutions, make you more safe &conve-nient of foreign trade. Air freight airport to Mexico often: Tijuana, guadalajara, hermosillo, dermatology, monterrey, Leon, cancun, campeche, merida, o cooley, candy, ciudad juarez, chihuahua, tapa chula, FIG. Stella Gutierrez, oaxaca, elmo Mr Biya, puerto vallarta, Mexico cary, Tijuana, guadalajara, cancun, cooley, candy, ink west card, chihuahua, tapa chula, FIG. Stella Gutierrez, merida, puerto vallarta Interjet aviation Tijuana, guadalajara, hermosillo, dermatology, monterrey, Leon, cancun, campeche, library, candy, ciudad juarez, chihuahua, oaxaca, merida, elmo Mr Biya, puerto vallarta, Vivaaerobus aviation Tijuana, guadalajara, monterrey, cancun, ciudad juarez, FIG. Stella Gutierrez, merida, elmo Mr Biya, puerto vallarta, Aeromar aviation, guadalajara, oaxaca, 1, quick speed and so on service advantages & ndash; — A port in the day, the night of Hong Kong, shenzhen, after customs clearance, the goods can direct in the day, express processing center after receiving the parcel without secondary processing, directly to the airport in Germany. 2, channel line & ndash; — Processed on the day of the parcel, send guarantee every night flights to Mexico. Fixed contract cooperation, because during the season air shipping space is booked, don't need to worry about blowing up. 3, all-the-way tracking & ndash; — Customer order, the tracking number, can generate the entire 4, shenzhen local pick up to check the tracking information goods, without any charge. 5, through fast, fast, fast customs clearance, delivery fast. Has greatly helped Chinese goods to the Mexican customers hand quickly. Flown to Mexico basic requirements: 1, the waybill fill out include: the recipient information, product information, declared value, the number and weight details, such as single ticket goods declared may not exceed: usd 50000. The sender information uniformly printed by our international logistics. 2, single ticket express weigh more than 100 kg, please inform us arrange the shipping space; If you have special size, please contact our business commissioner; 3, actual weight and volume weight of international, a larger value between charge. Volume: 5000 (length * width * height / Unit: CM) ; Delivery time reference time 2 & ndash; — Five working days delivery time to destination each has much to do with the customs clearance time and flight arrangement. The packing requirements 1, the packing must be strong, sound, light, can prevent in the transport process of packing, inner leakage, is lost. 2, packing should be suitable for the shape of the state of nature, and the weight of the goods, and facilitate carrying, loading and unloading and packed. 3, transport of goods under specific conditions, and animals, such as fresh perishable goods, the packaging should comply with specific requirements for the goods. Test items such as: limited magnets, inflammable, explosive, offensive weapons, liquid, powder, granule, chemicals, food, medicine, animal and plant, tea, documents, money, reactionary pornographic books and newspapers, carrier, etc, and the international aviation embargo of dangerous goods and the state's ban on exporting goods, etc. Air transport service common problems to Mexican customs requirements? According to the customs practices, must indicate the number of trademark, the goods sent; The kinds of packing; The weight of the goods. The total amount of the goods; The name of the shipper, consignee name and full address, the port of destination, product manuals, carrier list number, carrier's official receiving the shipment date and the signature. By air to the Mexican import documents? : commercial invoice should be signed by the exporter and indicate the following content: the place and date of invoice, the exporter and importer's name and full address; All costs associated with the delivery, including freight and insurance, etc. Chinese exporters provide Chinese original invoice must be attached with a Spanish translation. The original and each copy of the invoice must be accompanied by exporters invoice value of the goods which is absolutely authentic statement and other documents. For exporters of air cargo, the invoice shall be handed over to the carrier, in each invoice must indicate the number of the airway bill copy.
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