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Shenzhen shipping price to Belgium? A few days to arrive? _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-19
How much is the shipping to shenzhen? A, all the lines of the international express company in shenzhen to provide cheap shenzhen ocean freight to Belgium, because different items, such as volume and price, the price also will be different. For example: the goods tax price of 21 kg + 16. 5 yuan/KG, Unit 15 kg) Cost 346. 5 RMB 45 kg + d goods tax price of 15. 5 yuan/KG, Unit 15 kg) Cost 697. 5 RMB 2, shenzhen by sea to need a few days in Belgium: shenzhen to Belgium generally need about 35, 36 days. Slow boat can't say for certain, bulk is difficult to choose ship, so time is slightly longer. This is soon, if you encounter the heavy rain, wind, then a few days for a long time. Shenzhen to Belgium note: 1. Belgium banned the import of genetically modified products. 2. Refuse to sign, contraband goods.
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