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Shenzhen how much is shipping to Hungary? A few days to arrive? _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-19
Shenzhen how much is shipping to Hungary? A, all the lines of the international express company in shenzhen to provide cheaper ocean freight in shenzhen to Hungary, price is different due to different objects, such as volume, please inquire. Shenzhen shipped to Hungary need a few days: shenzhen to Budapest, Hungary generally need about 35, 36 days. Slow boat can't say for certain, bulk is difficult to choose ship, so time is slightly longer. This is soon, if you encounter the heavy rain, wind, then a few days for a long time. Shenzhen to Hungary by sea LCL how many money? How long does it take? Port has five major ports: Hungary, another three port under construction, according to the classification, can be divided into national, regional and small ports. There are three national port, located in BP - Csepel,Dunaujvaros,Szeged。 To improve the efficiency of transportation, 2015 years ago, the national port must be connected to the national rail network, and the axle load at 22. 5 tons. In addition, Budapest international ferry station has reached its limit, an urgent need to build a new site in order to satisfy the rapid growth of passenger flow. The site of the Budapest Chai Peier freeport ( 自由港Csepel) , is the largest of the landlocked in and out of port, through the Danube and overseas connections. Port of the port for 40 years of history. In addition a port is only 7 km distance from Budapest downtown horse freeport (hart Marhart自由港) , was established in 1972 on the Danube first container terminals, terminal line length of 2000 meters, covers an area of 95000 square meters of warehouse and covers an area of 70000 square meters of open storage. Both Chai Peier freeport and horse, hart freeport are important in the waterway transportation in Hungary, in Hungary's economic development plays an indispensable role. Shenzhen to Hungary note: 1. Hungary banned the import of genetically modified products. 2. The Hungarian food and chemicals shall provide the security of the quarantine certificate. 3. Hungary declared value can not exceed usd 22, otherwise regarded as high value products. The goods unit price cannot be higher than usd 25, single ticket express declared value can not exceed usd 250.
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