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Shanghai immigration personal luggage by sea to Canada's real experience

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
Now family immigration, all his worldly goods shipped abroad, more and more people who might be I was in immigration, at ordinary times more attention to this. Today I will share the recent immigrants from Shanghai logistics to Canada, twists and turns my personal luggage by sea. If your shipping destination is port far inland city, don't worry about transportation cost is expensive, VIPU Supply Chain international has perfect international transportation network, provide high cost performance of door to door service, and pledged to properly keep your bags and let every pieces of baggage can safely reach your hands. I was the purchasing manager of a multinational company, at ordinary times is more contact with foreign people and things, a few years ago we have a total began to apply for three immigrated to Canada, recently finally got the visa. Have bought a house in Canada we want to leave Shanghai home things move in the past. One is not see like furniture in Canada, the second is in domestic furniture USES for so many years, said you lost will throw a little bad, a bit we decided to an international logistics. Consultation with several shipping companies, however, prices of all let us dumbfounded: from Shanghai to Victoria in Canada, a locker door to door shipping to 7 80000! Also want to 5 - even if the door to port 60000! It's too expensive! Such a high price to buy a new set of furniture in Victoria in Canada local the? We decided to only after several times to discuss some necessary items, what other furniture were bought from a local now. But handling the freight company so little things generally can only provide & other; The door to the port & throughout; Shipping LCL service. From the Internet to find several industry bigger company telephone counseling, I have found the VIPU international logistics Supply Chain, they can provide one-stop door to door international logistics service, the price is much cheaper compared to the previous shipping companies. They also tell me the reason why to Victoria freight expensive, because it is a port city, midway need to transport, so as to generate additional transfer fees. Originally thought to put a lot of cases, because there are three people in clothing, bedding, POTS and pans, household appliances and other daily necessities, etc. , so we made a reservation in 16 cases ( The total volume 2 m3) 。 But after packaging boxes were installed in 8 cases, it seems VIPU international logistics Supply Chain box also can hold. After a good package, box number, fill out the file and stick to the boxes with respect to OK, finally combined with door to door insurance altogether spent about six thousand yuan RMB, the much lower budget than I was. Took the son to go by plane, we both take two suitcases all don't feel like going to immigration, I don't know the people think that we go on vacation, hee hee. Because are far away from the port of destination, before and after nearly seven weeks to receive the luggage in the Victorian home. But I received box or ate a surprised, unexpectedly and had just finished packaged as angular and don't see is the completely experienced sea-crossing too long transportation. I am glad had made the right decision, easier then, also save tens of thousands yuan of freight decorate new home.
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