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SF Aviation Talent Training: From Courier Brother

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-15

Zhao Lijie successfully transformed from a courier to a pilot through Operation Fengyi.

With the rapid development of e-commerce, hundreds of millions of packages are sent out every day in modern society. These packages are packaged, transported, and finally delivered to the customer. This process is called 'logistics.' In today's China, the logistics industry is called the 'third profit source' by the industry and the 'largest industry in the 21st century' by the media.

Aviation logistics can provide people with convenient and efficient services. There is a huge and complicated security system behind it. SF Aviation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'SF Airlines') has a wide influence in the logistics industry, and its development has naturally attracted much attention. At SF Airlines, a courier brother has grown into a cargo captain. The same person, from sending an express by riding an electric car at a speed of tens of kilometers per hour to sending a express by a Boeing 757 flying at a speed of hundreds of kilometers, from sending dozens of expresses every day to shipping more than 20 tons of express in one flight, what is it like Corporate culture provides so many possibilities for talent development? With this question, the reporter walked into SF Airlines.

'Operation Fengyi'

Let talent flow freely

In 2005, on the opportunity of the great development of aviation logistics, SF Airlines was approved for preparation and was successfully launched for the first time in 2009. After nearly 10 years of development, SF Airlines has grown into the largest cargo airline in China. As of March 2019, the company's number of in-service cargo planes has reached 53, safe operation has exceeded 280,000 hours, and the total cargo volume has exceeded 2 million tons.

According to reports, in order to meet the development needs of the aviation talent team and promote the diversified growth of SF Group's internal talents, SF Aviation officially launched the 'Fengyi Action' in 2007. In line with the talent concept of 'morality-oriented, talent-first, performance-oriented', SF Airlines regularly recruits civil aviation professional and technical personnel from the entire network for flight, dispatch, and maintenance positions, as long as the employees meet the recruitment requirements Can apply.

The reporter learned that the current average age of SF Airlines employees is 31.39 years old. This young talent team has provided a natural gene for SF Airlines to create a young, open and innovative organizational atmosphere. Express aviation is a new market area that is different from traditional cargo aviation, and more emphasis is placed on the timeliness and stability of transportation services. Therefore, the faster operating rhythm and open cultural atmosphere of SF Airlines provide greater space for exploration and innovation for employee growth.

In that year, the 'Fengyi Operation' was widely concerned by employees within the company as soon as it was launched. In 2007, the first batch of applicants who applied for flight positions reached more than 50 people, and finally 6 people were admitted, of which 4 people came from the front line of express delivery. It is understood that these six people have all completed their career transformation, realized the leap from the front-line personnel of the express delivery to the pilot, and glowed in the freight flight positions.

The reporter learned that SF Aviation always attaches great importance to the construction of corporate culture, adheres to the core values ??of 'customer achievement, innovation and tolerance, equal respect, openness and win-win' and the basic principles of integrity. While the business scale continues to expand, employees are regarded as supporting the company’s sustainability A valuable asset for healthy development. The 'Fengyi Action' is a talent development initiative implemented by SF Aviation on the basis of SF culture, and strives to provide diversified career ascending channels for internal employees to achieve the common growth of employees and enterprises.

Talent cross-border training

Professional ability without discount

The courier wants to become a qualified pilot, the span is so large that ordinary people are unimaginable. Can a courier safely drive a sophisticated cargo plane? Do their physical fitness and English ability meet the requirements? These questions are not a hindrance to SF Airlines. Ren Yuancun is the person in charge of the human resources department of SF Aviation. In her words, 'The flow of talent in the express and aviation sectors is not only conducive to enhancing the mutual understanding and understanding of each other’s business, and promoting the efficient collaboration between aviation and express delivery business. Grassroots employees have opened up broad channels that lead to the blue sky and to high-tech jobs, and thus change the trajectory of life.'

We know that pilots are highly professional occupations, requiring practitioners to have a high academic level, good physical and psychological qualities, and strong learning and adaptability. The academic background and English foundation are the common factors that restrict the courier's transformation into a pilot. At present, many of SF Express' couriers who have rushed to the sky are all one-of-a-kind, and they have undergone many levels of selection, assessment, and training to achieve professional transformation.

Talking about the difficulties and challenges of cross-border, SF Aviation's many recruited pilots said that the lack of aviation theoretical knowledge and weak English foundation are the biggest pressures and obstacles when starting to fly, but obstacles are not obstacles. As long as they have this dream and use their spare time, they will make more effort to narrow the gap than the flight students trained in the class. After the rigorous flight training is completed and the assessment is passed, these students will take the private license, commercial license, instrument level and airline pilot theory test organized by the Civil Aviation Administration, and carry out aircraft modification training to participate in flight production.

Meeting the challenge of night flight

Improve the quality of express air freight

SF Airlines is the first private express airline in China. Based on the service process of daytime cargo collection, night transportation and next day delivery of air express, the night flight mode supports the high-speed operation of the air express transportation chain. At 20 o'clock every day, as civil airliners begin to 'off duty', cargo airlines such as SF Airlines ushered in the busiest time. From 20 o'clock to the early morning of the next day, cargo flights of as few as a dozen or as many as forty or fifty will have to fly overnight to the north and south of the motherland.

Compared with passenger transportation, cargo airline pilots must bear the 'time difference' between work and family life caused by the reverse flight time. Reversing the flight time day and night is likely to cause circadian clock disorder, bring health risks, and affect the physiology and reaction speed to a certain extent. This requires pilots to consciously train and adjust according to their own health level to adapt to the special work rhythm. In addition, the visibility at night is low, and it is not clearly seen during the day during the visual flight. To ensure flight safety, pilots will accordingly spend more physical energy and energy.

Zhao Lijie, currently the Captain of Boeing 757 of SF Airlines, used to be a dispatcher at a certain point in the north Langfang of SF Express Canal. In 2007, he successfully transformed into a pilot through Operation Fengfeng. Through his own efforts, Zhao Lijie has completed the arduous challenge of having no aviation professional background, non-technical background, and learning to fly halfway. Now he has grown into a captain with excellent professional skills. In an interview with reporters, Zhao Lijie said that a pilot like him who grew up from a courier is familiar with the front-line delivery business process and has a more specific understanding of the customer experience. This helps them think about how to improve the efficiency and stability of the flight link, and helps the team improve the quality of express air freight. At present, in addition to Zhao Lijie, the active SF aviation pilots, Wang Qinjin, Sun Guanghui and others are all grown from couriers to pilots.

Looking at the aviation logistics industry, cargo aircraft capacity continues to increase, domestic and international cargo routes continue to open, professional new cargo airlines continue to emerge, and world-class cargo aviation hubs are beginning to take shape. These developments undoubtedly show the vitality and hope of the industry. Ten years ago, SF Group established the 'Qilima' talent training mechanism and insisted on internal training. After internal selection, training, and evaluation, employees can be promoted step by step from the lowest courier to director or even vice president. Such a talent training mechanism allows talents to flow freely within the company, and the ascending channels for employees in different positions are opened. As SF Airlines develops and grows, there will be more and more examples from couriers to pilots, dispatchers, maintenance engineers, or group managers. (Reporter Hao Meng from 'China Civil Aviation News' and China Civil Aviation Network)
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