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SF Airlines opens international routes intensively

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-16
'China Civil Aviation News', China Civil Aviation Network reporter Feng Zhijun correspondent Wang Ruijie reported: On March 14, SF Airlines' 'Shenzhen = Kuala Lumpur' international cargo route opened smoothly. This is after SF Airlines' 'Zhengzhou = Kuala Lumpur' in August 2019. The second article is the all-cargo flight route from Malaysia to Malaysia. The new route is operated by SF Airlines' B757-200 all-cargo aircraft, and is scheduled to run 4 times a week. The types of cargo carried include e-commerce express, electronic accessories and general cargo.

Since March, the pace of social recovery and production has gradually accelerated, the demand for import and export logistics has continued to increase, and the construction of SF Airlines’ international route network has also entered a period of high-speed expansion. Based on the main operating base in Shenzhen, SF Airlines has recently opened the 'Shenzhen=Osaka' international route, which aims to speed up the restoration of the import and export logistics channels for the re-production of domestic manufacturing and to reserve transportation resources for the transportation of international anti-epidemic materials. The launch of the 'Shenzhen=Kuala Lumpur' international route will encrypt SF Airlines' direct international cargo route network from the South China Aviation Hub to further enhance SF's international business and global supply chain service capabilities. It will serve the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and southern China. The company resumes production and provides high-quality and efficient aviation logistics services. In addition, SF Airlines' direct international flights to Singapore, Bangkok and Incheon are also under preparation.

It is reported that SF Airlines is currently the largest cargo airline in China. Recently, while continuing to protect domestic epidemic prevention materials, it is also continually tapping its own 58 full cargo aircraft and aviation logistics potential in more than 60 cities in the world, for the purpose of tackling and recovering from epidemic prevention. The production resumption is always on standby and continues to add strength.
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