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Several points for Amazon FBA cross-border e-commerce

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-18
When Amazon FBA cross-border e-commerce chooses freight forwarding, it focuses on the evaluation of the following aspects, and it will definitely be able to screen out good freight forwarding. I hope it will help everyone!

1. The time is fast and does not accept the second transfer through the warehouse of the destination port;
2. There are more shipping schedules, at least three shifts can be provided in a week, and the nearest shipping schedule can be selected at any time when entering the warehouse;
3. Customs declaration and customs clearance separately. In order to reduce costs, some freight forwarders focus on export customs declaration and import customs clearance. The inspection rate is high and the probability of being involved is high! There is a problem with one item, all items are implicated!
4. It is best to provide a complete cargo tracking system, the cargo owner can control the progress of the cargo autonomously, which is convenient for the first and second track tracking;
5. Rich FBA warehouse operation experience, in order to provide these special operation modes like binning, and can also respond quickly when there is a problem;
6. Understand the products, accurately estimate the budget of the tariffs, and at the same time have strict product classifications and truthful import and export declarations, so that there will be no possibility of inspection, confiscation by the customs or fines;
7. The quotation is clear and transparent, without any invisible consumption and abnormal extra costs, such as entering the warehouse under customs supervision, accurate volume measurement; can provide customs bills, will not make a fuss about the tariff.

Choosing VIPUTRANS means choosing rest assured. We can track the whole process and inform the goods at any time of the real-time dynamics, customs declaration forms, tax forms, and receipts.
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