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Several common ways of delivering goods in shipping

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05

It is short for Telegram Delivery. The bill of lading information is sent to the destination port shipping company in the form of electronic messages or electronic information, and the consignee can exchange the bill of lading with the telex release seal and the telex release guarantee for delivery;

It is to directly let the shipping company notify the agent at the port of destination to release the goods, without the need for the original bill of lading, as long as you prove that you are the consignee and the person being released by telex, you can pick up the goods.

The advantages are convenient, fast and safe (to avoid the risk of losing the bill of lading).

The disadvantage is that the shipper cannot control the cargo rights.

OCEAN BILL (B/L ocean bill of lading)

The original bill of lading issued by the shipping company; it is a proof of property rights, and the consignee picks up the goods on this basis. It can be endorsed and transferred. It is an important document; SHIPPER will get the original bill of lading from the freight forwarder, scan it to CNEE, and pay the agent , SHIPPER then courier the entire set of bills of lading to CNEE, CNEE takes the original bill of lading in exchange for the bill of lading; the ocean bill of lading uses more;

The advantage is that it is convenient for the buyer to pick up the goods immediately, simplify the procedures, and save costs;

SWB (sea waybill)

Once the SWB is released, the cargo rights will be transferred from SHIPPER to CNEE, that is to say, CNEE can directly pick up the goods. SWB delivery does not require the original, and no telex fee is required. This form of delivery can be used for trusted companies;

The advantage lies in the fast delivery of orders, fast delivery, convenience and speed, and it is mostly used for: 1. Sea waybill can be issued after all payment is received. 2. Multinational companies, Chinese subsidiaries are responsible for purchasing for foreign parent companies. In order to facilitate delivery, The sea waybill can be issued soon.

The disadvantage is that there is generally no way to hold goods.

Place of destination

That is, the meaning of placing goods; this method of placing orders is used less, and this type of placing of orders will be used in the following special circumstances:

If the bill of lading is lost, the shipper will write a letter of guarantee to the shipping company or the agent will release the bill to the consignee;

The bill of lading was issued late and the goods arrived. In order to pick up the goods earlier, a letter of guarantee can also be used to instruct the goods to be released.

Under no special circumstances, this method is generally not used;

Summarize the difference

SWB is a bill of lading on board, which is similar to telex release. Once the goods are confirmed as SEA WAY BILL, the agent will directly release the goods to the consignee after the goods arrive at the port;

In the case of telex, even if the goods arrive at the port for a long time, as long as the consignor does not notify the agent in writing to release the goods, the agent will not release the goods to the consignee;

The main difference between SWB and B/L is that SWB does not have the effect of proof of property rights. The bill of lading is a proof of property rights. The bill of lading can be transferred by endorsement (indicative bill of lading). The sea waybill cannot be transferred. The consignor of the sea waybill can only Be the consignee indicated on the sea waybill;

As long as the customers are fully charged, there is no risk in the above forms of delivery.
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