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Seven chaos like the international logistics industry

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
At present, the logistics industry is still in the development, the international logistics lp is also good and evil people mixed up, all kinds of policies and regulations is not perfect, let a lot of people have an opportunity, the following VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of small make up is easy for you to summarize the current seven big problems of the logistics industry. 1, the international logistics lp operation qualification is not complete, or without any operation qualification, without a fixed office location, staff, transportation vehicles and so on, a few people joint logistics team, once appear, the problems in the process of logistics, customer rights is difficult. 2, imperfect logistics services, in the fierce market competition, many international logistics lp put money into marketing to attract customer, on the transport and personnel, equipped with insufficient, caused the service quality. 3, some international logistics lp to get more benefit, tend to accept some beyond the logistics business of company operation ability, in the practical logistics transportation, will often appear many problems, for example, temporary add money, timeout, temporary looking for car and so on. 4, international logistics lp staff liquidity, less formal employees, temporary form a serious logistics peak period. 5, information resources is not smooth, not advanced logistics equipment. 6 personnel lack of formal training, logistics industry, logistics industry knowledge scarce, logistics professionals is mixed. 7, at present, both in the international logistics and domestic logistics no perfect industry standard, the price can't unity, also can't define service levels, customer looking for international logistics lp when it is difficult to discern.
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