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Settle back to how the furniture back to home?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
Emigrate struggle when he was young, the old hope falling leaves, early have emigrated overseas Chinese as the growth of the age, there will be settled in the idea of returning home, there are some graduate students and migrant workers returning many returnees, too. As the congress will some personal luggage items such as furniture shipped to abroad, back home will also choose to living abroad to use some of the items such as furniture, books, piano repatriated, today to talk we focus on how the furniture back to home? First, we come to understand how the furniture be repatriated and customs clearance problem. Furniture belong to something much bigger, heavier volume is big, there are some irregular, and easy to knock against damage, the risk is bigger than other commodities, so generally choose the shipping way back home, the price also will be a lot cheaper, of course, if you don't care how much money to get a friend can choose by air or Courier. Marine furniture home, time is different, different countries need to Shanghai, for example, in general, time for Europe to Shanghai approximately 30 - North America, to Shanghai is about 20-35 days 30 days, southeast Asia about a week or so. According to VIPU Supply Chain in the past dozens of home furniture from abroad for example, most customers from southeast Asia to buy OEM or second-tier brands of wooden furniture, European buy brand or characteristic furniture and electrical appliances, such as the United States is mainly simmons mattress. Logistics returned from abroad, it is necessary to identity can meet the requirements of import, it is important to note the Chinese ports private baggage clearance requirement is different, the customs are more old standard, so it is necessary to clear the customs requirements. In addition, the tax issue, at present the Chinese customs duty-free limit is 5000 yuan per person, so the basic is must pay taxes. The tax rate of woodiness furniture tariffs to 0, 16% VAT, mattess 10% tariff, value added tax. Electrical tariffs of 20%, and domestic 3 c, more troublesome, advice can not take not to take, sometimes, pay tariffs on electrical appliances can be purchased in domestic almost new. Second, find a of the international logistics lp. When trying to choose, be sure to know good company background, choose the international logistics industry association member companies or trade license of the company. Due to the goods passes through two customs ( Customs and immigration) On both sides, so you should try to choose in international logistics lp to customs clearance, inspection. Some large international logistics lp has offices or partners in China, can be done on behalf of the shipments that two procedures. And if the freight forwarder can't help you when entering China customs clearance, inspection, you also need to entrust a domestic international logistics lp or forwarding company, the goods sent to them, by their transport to you again, this operation is more troublesome. In a word, choose good reputation, best service comprehensive international logistics lp, they can contract from delivery to the receiving of all transactions, including arrange shipment, insurance, customs clearance on behalf of the tax payable, etc. Finally, want to use any way to ship the furniture to return home, the most important thing is to know all the overhead repatriated, which including but not limited to, packing, transportation, customs clearance fee and import customs, etc. , many times the cost may be beyond your expectations, so as to whether moving furniture home suggested that careful consideration. When choosing international logistics lp, can see a few companies, the furniture of parameters such as size, weight, tell them, whether can confirm the carrier, and query the price. International logistics lp can send staff usually free field value. After get detailed quotation scheme, must read carefully the price terms, understand the company to provide the price include which items and how about the price of each calculation, such as artificial packing is usually calculated by the hour, from points to the port and the goods from the port of destination, to the receiving point cost is usually calculated by the hour, and sea and air freight by volume or weight. More important to be aware of quotation scheme do not include what content, such as go upstairs services, furniture assembly services, these do not include the content of the furniture is likely to be checked after you will face the additional spending. Also, what are the details about documentation requirements, such as many companies will ask you when the goods to the port in China, the customs may use your original passport. Finally, must remember to buy insurance! You don't want to spend so much money, to be scarred hit fragmented furniture. Carriers will usually provide insurance, but you also want to check the terms, to ensure that the furniture from the moment of shipment until the guaranteed to you.
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