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Send something back from the United States, the transport time of each channel, price, etc

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Want to send something back to China from the United States, then what are the Courier can choose? How time? What about the price? Below small make up to introduce. 1, the United States post office USPS postal service, equivalent to China post, belong to the state, has very friendly service and price. In general, USPS is a good choice for small, because the goods through customs in passive, so be taxed probability is very low, suitable for mailing to mainland China. 2, UPSUPS is the world's largest express company, headquartered in the United States, Georgia, belongs to the commercial Courier, UPS parcel to China customs, the customs is be tax probability is high, but on the whole speed quickly, the price is very expensive. Suited to express some urgent need items, such as file. 3, FedExFedEx is another global Courier company headquarters is located in the United States, like UPS, both belong to the commercial Courier, express mail to China customs, the customs is also be tax probability is high, but the speed is quick, price is also high. 4, Chinese express delivery point in the United States where there are lots of Chinese people gathered there will be some Chinese express service, the price is very cheap, but too much weakness is unreliable, encounter problems will push each other, and even the entire walk 5 stores are closed, the international logistics lp currently on the market there are a lot of international logistics lp, they also provide international express services, can be mailed by their personal belongings. Price, than the Courier company is cheaper, but is likely to slow down aging, but items without being limited by the volume weight, want to send it how much. Summary, send something to consider service attitude, efficiency and safety first. Can give important file type, UPS, FedEx, aging stability ( 1 - 3 working days) , fast on; If you want to pursue cost-effective can choose USPS, relatively cheap, is acceptable on aging; If the item is more, you can consider international logistics lp, although time is slow, but it can be shipped a few don't urgent need of the goods.
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