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Selling Books Online Using Amazon FBA

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-25

Selling books on Amazon was new and I wanted everything to work out well. I also wanted to get a ton of books to sell. It was kind of funny; My phone has all these apps with notifications, constantly beeping and buzzing, and I had all the local garage sales mapped out every Thursday. I checked booksalefinder.com constantly looking for new sales. I went to thrift stores that sold used books every single day. I was a man on a mission with the all my gadgets to get the books price. With Amazon FBA, I was a little over the top but sometimes that's what it takes to make things happen in life. It was such an adreline rush to find a book worth $100 and buy it for only $1. Selling Books Online Using Amazon FBA was proving to be a real thrill.

Here is the 1 2 3 method to selling books on Amazon.

Step 1: The Setup. It is important to setup your business so that once money starts flowing, you can keep track of everything using Amazon FBA, as well as refresh your inventory. Allow me to tell you how to set up the business aspect of selling books online using Amazon FBA, as well as the tools you'll need to start your business

Use scanning and smart phone technology to scan books to view the Amazon information. Locate books you can buy at significantly below Amazon market value. Books in great condition are preferred. Do not acquire books below good quality, especially books with writing on the pages.

Make sure you are looking up the exact product using UPC (barcode) or ISBN number.

Warning: When you scan some books, especially older ones, the wrong product may show up on your screen because the barcode is now used for a newer product. If you have the wrong product listed, look at the first few pages of the book for the copyright page. The ISBN number is located there and you can manually type it into your PDA.

Step 2: Get The Books. You need things to sell to make money! In this section I go over how to find books and other used goods to sell as well as how to know what things are good or not. I'll tell you the tips and tricks I learned to improve my profits as well as the pitfalls I learned the hard way, but I'll teach you how to avoid, making it easy to find the most profitable books.

KEY: Some mass market paperbacks have two barcodes, one on the back cover and one on the inside of the front cover. The barcode on the front cover is the correct one.

Warning: For books older without an ISBN number or barcode you will need to manually look up that book on Amazon by searching on an internet browser on your computer.

Identify inventory that is ranked for quick turnover. Focus on books ranked in the top 250K. If the book sells for a lot and has a medium rank (500K-800K) that's good too. A high turnover rate is the key to success. A book ranked 1,000,000 typically takes 6-12 months to sell, so you want to minimize those books to only ones that have a hefty profit margin.

Once you find books keep in mind that profit is your motive. You may find a book that is selling at a high price on Amazon, but if it costs too much to buy it (when you factor in the Amazon fees) you might not make a profit. You should know your break-even price,(I.E. The price the item would cost if you made zero dollars) if you sold the item and subtracted the cost and Amazon fees. Another misstep is spending too much time on a bad deal.

For example if you get 1,000 books for $50 to find that the books were already picked over then not only have you wasted $50, but you have 400 pounds of books that you don't know what to do with on your hands, and you've lost time and momentum. Some deals are just not worth the price or effort. Make your decision quickly and swiftly with no emotional attachment. If the numbers don't work, they don't work!

Step 3: Sell The Books. You've got books to sell, now what?! I go over everything from what you need to get your books up on Amazon, how to decide what price to sell at and how to manage all the books you have. Not every book you find out there can be sold on Amazon for a profit. Some books have so many sellers that the selling price is too low. Others are in such low demand that it could take years to sell it. You certainly don't want to be the one selling books on Amazon if you will lose money selling them.

Keep in mind using Amazon FBA is a surefire way to avoid the mistakes of today's common seller.

I hope you enjoyed the best methods to selling books online using Amazon FBA.

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