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Select VIPUTRANS logistics for the first shipment

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-08
Recently, VIPUTRANS cooperated with Amazon fba to ship goods more smoothly. It is Miss Liu from Guangzhou. Miss Liu is a company specializing in home textiles, mainly doing import and export trade, and the products are mainly sold in Japan and the European and American markets. Since Ms. Liu has a large shipment to be shipped to the Amazon FTW1 warehouse in the United States recently, she has been looking for a freight forwarding company that specializes in Sino-US dedicated line logistics. It happened that Miss Liu learned from the Internet that VIPUTRANS is a professional Sino-US dedicated shipping service. The company also hit it off. VIPUTRANS arranged professional salesman Sandy to communicate with Miss Liu. Sandy learned that the total weight of goods on Miss Liu's side is about 15 square meters, and the volume of goods is also a lot, so she recommended the advantageous service of fba head shipping-Mason Clippers to Miss Liu.

Because many Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other Pearl River Delta regions are slowly implementing the American fba Clippers-Mason Clippers shipping method, Mason Clippers Logistics has become more and more popular with customers, not only because Mason Clippers has certain The financial influence is also due to its high efficiency, safety, convenience, and punctuality. We all believe that Mason Clippers will play an important role in the future of Sino-US shipping. And Ms. Liu also learned about the advantages of Mason Clippers Shipping, including VIPUTRANS's service attitude, which moved her, so the two parties quickly confirmed the cooperative relationship, and the follow-up process went smoothly. This is more for the future. Fba's first shipping cooperation has laid a firm foundation.
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