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seeking to avoid escalation, ships deploy unarmed guards to navigate gulf

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-18
London, Jonathan southell (Reuters)-
Security companies say shipping companies are hiring unarmed security personnel for sailing through the Middle East Gulf as an additional security guarantee after a wave of attacks in the region.
After Britain seized an Iranian tanker in Gibraltar this month, Iran\'s relations with the West have become increasingly tense.
Britain also said last week that one of its warships had to fight back Iranian ships trying to stop Britain.
A self-owned tanker passing through the Strait of Hormuz.
As the risk of escalation of the situation increases, the shipping association urges merchant shipping companies to avoid the use of private armed security personnel in key areas, including the Strait of Hormuz, through which the world\'s fifth-largest oil supply.
Some shipping companies are turning to experienced security companies to help solve a range of problems, from advising the captain to closely monitoring the ships above the water line, where it is possible to place mines such as LIBE
Gavin Locke, the company\'s operations director, said that British maritime safety company Ambrey usually has 600 guards on ships crossing the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, mainly armed personnel.
However, over the past three weeks, 80 to 120 unarmed advisers have been deployed on vessels passing through the Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.
\"This is a guarantee to the owner because not all crew members are tested like our MSOs (
Maritime safety operators)
Already in the real
\"Time operation,\" Lock said . \".
\"We did see the Middle East --
\"The flag-flying ships came to us to provide a team of consultants,\" he said . \" He declined to provide more details.
Gerry Wildwood, chairman of security company MAST, said his company also provided an unarmed team entering the bay.
Northwood said: \"It is important that ships through the Strait of Hormuz identify potential Iranian vessels as early as possible and report the sightings to the authorities and make it clear that they have seen the vessels
The latest incident in risk mitigation came after a series of tanker attacks in the Strait of Hormuz and near the Gulf of Oman, which the United States blamed on Iran.
Tehran denied participation.
Private security companies that provide armed forces operate in the area, although they are only licensed by the counter
Unarmed experts will not face the same restrictions.
Jim Hilton, general manager of Maritime Safety Corporation PVI, said that when the crew of a ship is able to perform functions including adding watches and regular walks
Round, the support of the outside world can provide \"psychological comfort \".
He added: \"The risk mitigation measures chosen by a particular company with an unarmed Bridge consultant or an unarmed security guard may help them meet their own internal due process and enable them to continue trading
The requirements for PVI also rose slightly, Hilton said, and sometimes provided guards, \"once the weapons get off the ship,\" the guards stay on board.
Several shipping companies declined to comment on their security arrangements when contacted.
\"Maersk Tankers are closely monitoring the situation and taking preventive measures in accordance with national flag and industry guidelines,\" the Danish group said in a statement . \".
The shipping company either avoided the area.
Even for marine fuel.
Industry sources say that or keeping travel to a minimum is partly due to risk.
The additional premium has increased tenfold, increasing the cost of up to $100,000 for a supertanker sailing on seven ships
One-day tour, added ship insurance. (
Editor of Veronica Brown and Dale Hudson)
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