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Sea waybill, 海运单) And the difference between the bill of lading and advantages

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
The children's shoes must know to do foreign trade industry, often have a novice will confused sea waybill and Marine bill of lading, thus lead to irreversible consequences. Although literally look at two documents are very similar, but the essential difference between both is very big still. Customs is also to the requirement of the different countries around the world is not the same, today small make up to give you a detailed explain the difference between the two, from their own advantages and disadvantages. Sea waybill, 海运单) , also called Marine transportation list or sea waybill, it is' the carrier to the shipper or its agent that the goods have been closed for part of the documents, is a non-negotiable documents, namely the need to show as a condition of receiving the documents at the port of destination, not stay documents sent to the owner or its agent can receive the goods by the consignee to inform to the delivery of the goods or the identity certificate of the '( From September 1978 the United Nations economic commission for Europe 'Recommendation') Marine bill of lading or the bill of lading ( 海运提单) Is issued by the ship or its agent that have received the goods, allow the goods shipped to the destination, written document and delivered to the consignee. It is proved that the contract between the carrier and the shipper in law has a document of title. The difference between the sea waybill and bill of lading and contact 1, bill of lading is the contract of carriage of goods receipt, and also is the real right certificate, sea waybill with only the goods receipt and shipping with the two properties, it is not the real right certificate. 2 order, bill of lading can be a form, via transfer endorsement circulation: sea waybill is a kind of flow can be documents, determine the consignee indicated on the sea waybill, not circulate. 3, sea waybill and on board ocean bills of lading can be done '( 已装船) Form, also can be a 'receipt for shipment ( 储运) Form. Sea waybill is area of each column format and filling method and sea waybill bill of lading basic same, cannot make indicative only sea waybill consignee column up should be made out to determine the specific consignee. 4, the legal holder of bills of lading and the carrier with pick-up and delivery bills of lading, the consignee on the sea waybill does not show the sea waybill, with only a delivery notice or the identity certificate of the pick up the goods, the carrier delivered the goods by the consignee to produce appropriate identification. 5, bill of lading with full and short form bill of lading and sea waybill is the short form documents, detailed freight terms but not listed on the back with a can avail himself of the Marine bill of lading the terms of the content on the back. 6, straight bill of lading and sea waybill, 直运提单) , although the named consignee, do not make endorsement, but they have a different nature, the straight bill of lading is a kind of bill of lading, is the real right certificate, the straight bill of lading, the consignee can pick up the goods can't pick up the goods by sea waybill. The benefits of using sea waybill sea waybill involves only the three of the shipper, the carrier, the consignee, the procedure is simple, easy to operate, is conducive to the transfer of the goods. First of all, the sea waybill is a kind of security credentials, it has no transfer of liquidity, can avoid missing documents and the damage done by counterfeit bill of lading. Second, delivery convenient, timely and cost saving, the consignee pick up the goods do not need to show the sea waybill, it can be solved both way shipping and bill of lading before the arrival of the common problems, and to avoid the demurrage as a result of the delay delivery, warehousing, etc. Again, the sea waybill is not the real right certificate, expand the use of sea waybill, can provide a basis for practice in the future implementation of EDI electronic bill of lading and possible. The use of sea waybill with the score of 1, multinational companies company between the subsidiaries or related business. 2, in the credit, or the two sides are all as the transfer of payment of the goods in the premise of, bill of lading has lost its significance. 3, already a long time, fully trust, trade business between close partners. 4, no capital risk the personal belongings of household, commercial value of the samples. 5, in the case of a short sea, is often the first to goods and bill of lading, appropriate USES sea waybill. Sea waybill and solutions to the deficiency of the sea waybill also exist some problems in practice, therefore, the international maritime commission to formulate and passed the sea waybill unified rules. The shortage of the sea waybill mainly embodied in the following two aspects: 1, the importer as consignee, but he is not a contract of carriage contract, and the carrier has no contractual relationship, if the export shipment after payment, made in writing to the carrier to change the consignee, the consignee has no right of litigation. 2, the sea waybill unified rules stipulated in article 3: 'the contract of carriage of the consignor, not only on his behalf, at the same time also on behalf of the consignee, and ensure that he has the authority to the carrier', at the same time, article 6 of the regulation: 'the shipper has to transfer power receiving option, but should be in charge of the carrier the goods before exercise, the exercise of the option, shall be indicated in the sea waybill or similar document. 'it is clear about the consignee and the carrier under the contract also has legal relationship between, also ended the shipper change the consignee's right in front of the original consignee pick up the goods. Edit summary: the difference between the sea waybill and Marine bill of lading and their respective advantages and disadvantages of small make up have detail, when we do the shipping transportation need according to their own actual situation to use. International logistics, that is, if there are a lot of large objects to transport will generally choose by sea. VIPU international logistics lp perennial Supply Chain for people to go abroad or home to provide professional door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics services, shipping multinational carry furniture will find VIPU international logistics Supply Chain. If you have this aspect demand, are welcome to call our hotline for free.
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