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Saving Green While Going Green - Inbound Logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-01-30
Green Logistics, Technology , SustainabilityCommercial operators around the globe—not just those in the supply chain—are currently grappling with a new reality. Gone are the days when businesses could solely worry about dollars and cents; now business leaders need to consider the environment and how their business is impacting it.Graham Deane, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, UrbanVolt, +353-873618479The increasing influence of climate change has significantly changed how customers assess the merits of businesses—they want to see environmental credentials before making the decision whether to purchase products, award a tender, or start a partnership.Smart SolutionsBut how can business leaders in the supply chain space accomplish these goals while also operating just-in-time work practices and maintaining profit margins? It doesn't seem easy. Altering a business to go green is expensive, right?Not necessarily. If businesses are smart, they can go green while actually saving money. Here's how. As a service model making a difference. Up to this point, businesses looking to go green have had to spend a huge amount of money purchasing essential equipment such as specialized lighting and alternative energy sources. Now, energy and sustainability in general can be delivered as a service. Take lighting, for example. After all, every building needs it, and every business working in the supply chain needs buildings. The pioneering Light as a Service model means businesses can access energy-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) lighting by subscription—the lighting is maintained for them by the provider so they don't have to buy a depreciating asset or take on any financial risk, all the while saving up to 80% on energy bills. This can have a huge effect for the marketing department. Clients and customers love to hear about good environmental news stories, and this innovative approach has a demonstrable—and measurable—effect on carbon emissions. Lighting is just one part of the energy puzzle. After driving energy-efficiency under your own rooh3, renewable technologies can help meet your business's additional energy needs. In the 21st century, lighting is not enough and industrial operators should be looking to come off the grid entirely. Becoming self-sustainable is a process that starts with lighting. Later it makes sense for your business to investigate and examine other alternative energy sources, such as solar power. The good news is that businesses can make those decisions at the touch of a button. Advances in technology mean overall energy usage is easily accessed, which means bottom-line savings are also instantly accessible. For example, industry app Dataful can quickly measure how much a facility has to pay to light a building using just four simple metrics. Best of both worlds. Up to now, business leaders have understandably been cautious about what going green would mean for them and their bank balance. But the good news is that with new technologies and ways of working—and operators providing historically expensive services for hugely discounted rates using new business models—you can get the best of both worlds: a healthier balance sheet and the ability to say that your business is making a real difference. It's a win-win for you, your clients, and your customers.Saving money as well as the environment makes sense, doesn't it?
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