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Safety in the Warehouse

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-23

Working in a warehouse can be dangerous but it does not have to be. Many of the most experienced workers in the warehouse are often accustomed to seeing the dangers of the workplace, putting inexperienced workers at risk. Of these two cases, neither one should be at risk, because everyone deserves the right to work in a safe environment. If anything is out of place then workers should notify their supervisors. Besides workplace hazards, many safety injuries come from worker safety issues like manual handling injuries.

Employee Training

Manual handling injuries are fairly common especially among novice warehouse workers. These injuries can be caused by lifting heavy objects, long hours of carrying heavy loads, pulling items, pushing cargo items, and even holding or restraining such items. Sometimes a bad movement or just long hours can contribute greatly to these injuries. Before hiring employees, a training should be given to new employees on lifting techniques, stretches and good posture. These trainings should be repeated every few months for all employees.

Avoiding Warehouse Hazards and Injuries

Other risks may come from hazards in the warehouse. These hazards include items laying around the platforms and workspace, not paying attention, lack of communication between employees and anything that seems out of place. There are ways to avoid such hazards. Some of these safety regulations may include daily walk throughs of the warehouse for possible hazards, speaking with the workers about potential safety hazards, come up with a team of employees to go over past cases of worker injuries and warehouse hazards in order to pinpoint which hazards and injuries are most common in your warehouse to work on solutions and monitor the injuries that are occurring in the work place.

Avoid Manual Handling Injuries

Sometimes there are numerous accidents in the workplace because of the layout design of the warehouse. Warehouses should have ample space to move about in. Since workers are carrying heavy loads, the space should be open to avoid anyone bumping into anything. Also all spills should immediately be cleaned up to avoid the risk of falling. To decrease manual handling injuries the weight of objects carried should not exceed the weight that one can carry, push, pull, etc. Items should also be easy to carry. If items are hard to hold onto, oddly shaped or are easily droppable then there should be other options to carry these items in order to avoid injury.

In order to eliminate the hazards in a warehouse and to increase warehouse safety, the entire staff needs to work as a team. If there are items lying around, spills, broken glass, wires or cables lying around, these hazards should be reported to supervisors. If these things go unseen or unspoken of, then there is a very good chance that someone will become injured. Safety should always be every company's number one occupation. If the workers are injured, no business will take place. When the workers stay safe and abide worker's safety in warehouses then the company can make a profit.

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