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Rail Freight From China To Europe


Rail Freight From China To Europe

Rail freight train is a very efficient way to ship cargo to Europe, It is cheaper than shipping by air, and it takes significantly less time than sea to get from China to Europe. So, if you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective way of transporting shipment from China to Europe, Rail freight is your best option.

Rail freight is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to ship goods. China has been exporting more and more goods to Europe, which has made the rail freight from China to Europe a very popular topic in recent years.

The railway from China to Europe is called the Eurasian Land Bridge. It is the longest railway line in the world and it passes through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany before finally reaching its destination.

What are the advantages of rail freight

Rail freight has the advantage of being much more secure than other kinds of cargo transport. This can be attributed to the fact that there are very few cases of damage to this kind of freight. For those looking to send large and heavy items, such as raw metals and coal, rail freight is absolutely the best option. Additionally, it is much more convenient for destinations which may not be easily accessed by sea ports.

How To Ship Container From China To Europe By Rail ?

Rail freight train can carry up to 40 x 40 foot full container load of cargo at once, which means that it can transport up to 8 million pounds of goods in one trip. That’s enough cargo for two fully loaded Boeing 747s!
Rail freight can also be more environmentally friendly than road transportation because it produces less CO2 emissions per tonne-km transported.

Freight trains have a higher loading capacity than trucks, which allows them to carry heavier loads at lower costs per tonne-km transported.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship 40 Foot Container By Rail?

Taking the train would cost USD 7,000-$9,000. On the other hand, taking a sea would cost USD 6,000 and by air USD 32,000. In the past few years, rail freight offers alternative options cheaper than Air freight , Transit time is faster than Sea Freight.

How Long It Takes From China To Europe By Rail Freight?

Shipping cargo from China to Europe. It takes 15 days to 20 days by rail freight from China to Europe, which is much faster than using other methods.

· Rail Freight From China to Hungary in 15 days

· Rail Freight From China to Germany in 16 days

· Rail Freight From China to Hamburg in 16 days

· Rail Freight From China to Belgium in 16 days

· Rail Freight From China to France in 18 days

· Rail freight From China to Poland in 14 days

· Rail freight From China to Spain in 20 days

· Rail freight From China to Italy in 18 days

· Rail freight From China to Austria in 20 days

· Rail freight from China to UK in 23 days 


LCL (Less-Than-Container-Load) Service On Rail Freight Between China And Europe.

Less-Than-Container-Load service is perfect for sending any volume between 1 and 20 cubic meters, but more than 0.5 cubic meters, in our weekly scheduled LCL service on China Europe Rail freight Train in export and import. That means that if you’re sending more than 1 cubic meter of cargo but less than 20, this is the perfect solution for your needs!

Less-than-container-load service (LCL) is the perfect option for cargo volume between range less than 20 cubic meters, but more than 0.5 cubic meters.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our China Europe Rail Freight service, which we’re confident will continue to revolutionise the way our customers transport their exports from China to Europe.

· Scheduled LCL service exporting From China to Europe Rail Freight Train on weekly basis.

· LCL Cargo loading volume minimum 1cbm upto 20cbm, no ceiling.

· LCL Cargo pickup Door China & Door Europe

· Door to Door delivery From China Europe Rail freight Train in 16-22days

· Daily customer information on cargo movement.

How To Book Cargo Rail Freight Between China And Europe ?

Please contact us for more details.

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