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Q&a: international logistics with furniture can be foreign to go by ship?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Q: international logistics and furniture can together by boat to go abroad? A: no, the international logistics lp at the time of carrying things, walk are cargo ships, is the sort of large container ship, need a lot of port, is not fit to carry passengers. If you want to arrive at the port of destination together with furniture, furniture first, VIPU Supply Chain international logistics lp staff will regularly report the time of arrival of the goods to you, tell you furniture when arrived at the port of destination in advance, if you choose is door to door service, VIPU Supply Chain will tell you when to reach the destination. When the time comes you only need to reach the destination by plane home one day in advance. In addition to note is that most countries port customs for private goods customs clearance, is the need to present the owner himself.
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