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Over-the-counter drug delivery Amazon fba preferred

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-14
Amber in Huizhou focuses on the sales of pharmaceutical products. In recent years, it has been selling in the domestic market. Recently, it has just started to develop the European and American international markets, so it has invested and operated on the Amazon e-commerce platform. However, Amber learned that Amazon needs to consider the transportation issues of fba toucheng logistics, and consulted many Amazon operating friends, and realized that it is extremely important to find a reliable fba toucheng transportation company to save operating costs, so Amber searched the Internet and found VIPUTRANS logistics, a freight forwarding company. VIPUTRANS is an international logistics company that specializes in shipping from China to the United States. It happens that Amber is also preparing to ship products to the US fba. Through simple consultation and understanding, it is a hit. VIPUTRANS arranged professional salesmen Sandy and Amber for business docking. Kuai Amber also provided a packing list. Amber's products include Chuanbei loquat ointment, Liushen flower lotion, and analgesic ointment for Chinese bones. Sandy made a quotation based on the volume, and the two parties also reached a suitable cargo information transportation plan.

During the period, Sandy also reminded customers to note that pharmaceutical products can only be cleared and shipped by Amazon FBA with FDA registration. Generally speaking, food and drugs must be registered with FDA. Drugs include prescription drugs (brand name and generic) and over-the-counter drugs. of. After a reasonable inspection of the goods, Amber also confirmed the shipment and transportation of the products, so Sandy asked the warehouse in Shenzhen to carry out the door-to-door transportation. The later transportation of the goods was also carried out in accordance with the process. During the period, the customers were given timely information feedback. Also maintain a good business relationship.
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