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Outdoor barbecue grills are shipped to the United

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-09
Mr. Lu found VIPUTRANS logistics on the Internet. Recently, he needs to transport a batch of outdoor barbecue grills to the United States. Since it was the first shipment to the United States, Mr. Lu didn't know much about transportation and had many questions. Through a simple communication with the customer service Joanna, Mr. Lu also left his contact information and needed to understand the specific process of going US shipping.

Customer service Joanna learned that Mr. Lu's outdoor barbecue pits have about 8 square meters of cargo, and they are to be sent to a private address in New York, USA. Afterwards, the customer service also arranged for business Kenny to contact Mr. Lu, and patiently explained to Mr. Lu the specific process of LCL shipping to the United States and related operational matters. After some communication, Mr. Lu felt that the salesperson Kenny was very professional and also Very satisfied with this service process.

According to Mr. Lu’s cargo situation, Kenny quoted him the price of bulk cargo by sea in the United States, and the freight was all-inclusive, without any other costs. After several days of consideration, Mr. Lu also decided to choose VIPUTRANS LCL shipping to the United States. Salesman Kenny also immediately arranged for the driver to pick up the goods. After the goods of Mr. Lu were safely delivered to our warehouse in Dongguan, they also took pictures, inspected the goods, punched wooden racks, and packed them, and waited for the shipping schedule to arrive. Arrange for shipping to the United States.

VIPUTRANS focuses on American ocean shipping, has many years of experience in shipping bulk cargo between China and the United States, and has stable timeliness and preferential prices. Choosing VIPUTRANS's shipping to the United States service will let you have no worries and absolutely worry-free!
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