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only 1/5 of all air cargo screened for bombs

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-27
Although the U. S.
The Transportation Safety Administration said that 100% of the \"high-risk\" air cargo entering the United States on passenger flights were bomb-screened, which only represents one
The fifth of the 9 billion-pound air cargo arriving in the United StatesS.
From overseas every year
John S, TSA administrator
Pistoller said yesterday that the discovery of pistoller had not arrived even on the way to the United States last week. S.
Of the two mail bombs from Yemen, \"100%
Screening of risky goods on inbound passenger planes is under way.
\"However, according to the International Air Freight Association, only about 16% of air cargo from overseas arrived on passenger flights.
The rest is here. cargo flights.
2007 recommendation for the implementation of Article 9/11 of the Commission act (a. k. a. the 9/11 Act)
It is required that explosives inspections must be carried out on all passenger flights before August 2010.
TSA failed to comply with the deadline on the grounds of technical problems (
The technical qualification test for air cargo screening is incomplete)
And the fact that other countries have inconsistent rules on screening.
Hit news Trump sent a quote calling him \"the second coming of God \", our will to Jeffrey Epstein, who was arrested by local CBS Reporter 3 for the violent threat of family planning, according to a report from the General Accounting Office on June 2010, A month\'s police seized the handcuffed man and pushed it to the wall, and TSA is expected to raise the screening level of inbound air cargo on passenger flights to 65% by the summer. But all-
Freight flights are not covered by law.
Pistoller said that all inbound international flights carrying goods meet TSA safety standards in terms of how they use aviation facilities and goods;
How to review persons who are in contact with the goods;
Staff training;
And cargo screening procedures. Rep. Edward J. Markey, D-Mass.
He wrote Bill 9/11, saying this week that he intends to introduce further legislation to extend the 100% mandate to all --cargo flights.
Business opposition, including the shipping industry and chambers of commerce, blocked Bill 2007, including screening for all, Maki said.
Cargo aircraft, leaving a safety gap.
\"Following the recently foiled cargo bombing plot in Yemen, it is time to complete the work,\" said Maki . \".
Empty Express is commonly used for container shipping that normally does not take apart the inspection, as this process can greatly slow down air and cargo transportation.
At present, the airport relies on dogs, trace detection and visual inspection to check most of the container of air cargo without having to open them.
Screening Technology for handling large containers
Similar to passenger X-
General use of the shooting machine-
In the test
Today, at an air transport business conference in Frankfurt, Germany, the head of the International Air Transport Association urged governments and industry to quickly develop effective equipment such as oversized X-
Ray Machines screen cargo containers that transport most of the air cargo.
Gionvanni Bisignani said that the technology of this security device already exists, but it will take too long to approve it for the airport. (
Smith test)
Bisignani told the Association\'s regular passenger and cargo aircraft safety conference, \"there is no technical proof today that the government has certified the screening of standard-sized pallets and large items . \".
\"There are some promising technologies, but it will take too long to move from the lab to the airport.
We must accelerate this process. \"(
Left: Hayman Hi-Scan X-
Machine for screening pallet goods.
The TSA\'s pistoller, who also attended the meeting, said a delicate balance needed to be struck to ensure that increased air safety requirements would not disrupt global trade.
\"Global business flows are the key to economic recovery,\" said pistoller . \".
\"Security does not stop the business.
Aviation safety is a shared responsibility, he said, because recent events have shown that \"threats are developing as fast as we are developing mitigation measures . \".
\"This latest plot highlights two points,\" said Pistor . \".
\"We are faced with a firm and creative enemy with innovative design and the ability to hide improvised explosive devices (
Improvised Explosive Device.
Secondly, we urgently need to achieve global dependence on aviation security.
\"The International Air Transport Association does not estimate how many new machines are needed to check all the goods transported by World Airlines. A single high-
Radiation machines could cost $5.
According to the manufacturer\'s estimate, $6 million.
Bisignani urged governments to bear at least part of the rapid growth in aviation safety costs.
In Europe, it is undertaken by the airport itself; in the U. S.
Paid by the federal government.
He said: \"I don\'t understand why the safety of football fields is the responsibility of the government, but aviation safety is not the responsibility of the government . \" Airlines around the world paid a total of $5 last year.
9 billion security.
The International Air Transport Association is promoting a plan to monitor and accelerate the flow of all air cargo by using a single email
Freight labels, eliminate these by replacing dozens of documents that come with each freight container with a single file similar to an email
Tickets are now used by most airline passengers.
\"We think it\'s time to abolish the paper of the freight system. . . just as e-
Bisignani said that tickets replaced millions of paper tickets, adding that the new system would \"allow us to manage cargo safety intelligently and efficiently without compromising speed.
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