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Online shopping for clothes FBA shipping to Mexico

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-20
The customer of this transportation is in Mexico. After ordering from a domestic factory, the Chinese factory is only responsible for domestic delivery, and the value of the goods is low. The customer requires duty-free. The characteristics of the goods this time are: the consignor is not in the country, the consignor and consignor are not qualified for customs clearance, the value of the goods is low, and customs declaration is required. This determines that we must not only provide transportation, but also help customers solve the receipt, warehousing, transportation and double customs clearance, duty-free declaration one-stop service.


The following describes the transportation process:

  First step Communication and inspection

  I heard that the customer had a ticket to purchase goods online, and the sales consultant of Qianmo International Logistics helped the customer to complete a box list, contract, and invoice for customs clearance and tax exemption declaration.


  The second step  Develop transportation plan

  According to the information learned, the sales consultant conducted online video communication with customers and provided two sets of transportation solutions. The first set of plans is to take express delivery. The customer's factory ships to our company's Shenzhen warehouse. It is shipped to Mexico by express delivery and delivered to the door. The advantage of express delivery is that the transportation speed is 4-6 days faster, but the transportation price is the same as FBA shipping costs are relatively high.


The second set of solutions is FBA shipping LCL double clearing, the customer factory is shipped to our Shenzhen warehouse, and the sales consultant of Qianmo International Logistics arranges a series of transportation work such as customs declaration, shipping, customs clearance at the destination port and tax-free declaration. It is safe, reliable, cost-saving, etc. The disadvantage is that the shipping time is longer, and the destination port tax-free declaration also takes about 5 days. After the sales consultant of Qianmo International Logistics introduced the two options, the customer chose the second more economical solution after comparing the two options, and also thanked the sales consultant for his carefulness and professionalism.


  The third step Booking, customs declaration, transportation, duty-free declaration

   In order to successfully make the destination port duty-free declaration, we re-made the customer's goods list, contract, invoice, and let the customer provide a foreign transfer bill. At the same time, these materials will be sent to the agent at the destination port for confirmation. Under the guidance of the agent at the destination port, a material that meets the conditions of low-value and duty-free tariffs is clearly defined.


The goods were smoothly declared and shipped on time and accurately. After customs clearance at the destination port, the destination port agent of Qianmo International Logistics successfully carried out the duty-free declaration of the destination port according to the information we provided. The customer could not wait for the agent to deliver the goods and arrived at the destination port in person the next day. The agent warehouse took the goods away. The customer communicated with our customer consultant as soon as possible and expressed his gratitude. At the same time, he negotiated with the sales consultant of our company for the transportation consultation of the next batch of goods.


 Summary of experience

 For low-value transportation, the senior sales consultant of Qianmo International Logistics summarized the following characteristics:

  (1) Classify the customer's goods, make a contract and invoice, and confirm with the agent at the destination port whether tax-exempt processing is possible.

 ⑵ If you know that you can do duty-free, you should immediately prepare and send to the agent for confirmation in accordance with the requirements of the destination port agent, and you must not delay to ensure the smoothness of customs clearance later.

 ⑶ In the entire operation process, we find links that we cannot control, and these links need to communicate more with customers in the early stage of operation.

 ⑷ First of all, we must understand what the customer wants most. For example, for this batch of goods, the customer requires duty-free, and at the same time, the customer’s goods meet the duty-free standard, then we must do everything possible to meet the customer’s requirements
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