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Old furniture is moved to foreign deals or in situ new buy? ?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Buy furniture shipped to foreign and domestic to abroad oneself buy new furniture, which one is more cost-effective, have friends think affirmation is the domestic transport cost-effective, because over there to buy expensive. Domestic bought transport relative to what are the advantages to buy over there? Small make up by price, tradition, to adapt to the aspects of analysis from the perspective of professional analysis. Based on previous VIPU international logistics Supply Chain experience, many immigrants customers ( In that buy a house) From the domestic furniture in the past, if it is a small box around 25 square estimate freight cost is about 36000. Door to door delivery, is the home of home from China to Australia. Also have a plenty of take old furniture and some clothes, articles for daily use, etc. Actually this is according to their own needs, but foreign furniture is solid wood with good quality. But you just abroad again also trouble not familiar with the situation to buy. In the foreign labor costs are high, sometimes foreign distribution price may be similar to the items you bought, or analyze yourself. International transport process: 1) Consulting, see cargo goods ready and determined the need after the time of shipment, please 10 - ahead of schedule 15 days to contact logistics lp. VIPU Supply Chainlogistics send people free on-site measuring volume, transportation planning, and the site in question. 2) Entrust, determine the date of shipment, packing, please one day in advance to inform logistics lp, arrange workers, vehicles and packaging materials to packaging, and produced items list, you need to fill out a power of attorney, signed the customs documents. Then take the goods to the warehouse, arrange booking, customs clearance, customs inspection, shipping and other matters. Workers will arrive on time you specify packaging location, and pack the goods according to your request. Workers will according to all kinds of shape and volume of the object, using the appropriate packaging materials and methods, to provide the most proper and safe packing. Packaging materials have box, various specifications carton, hanging suitcase, bubbles, white paper, canvas special paper, pallets, wooden boxes, etc. 3) Customs clearance, booking of shipment port usually takes 3 - operation Five working days, please according to the actual circumstances of the checked items in advance consultation and entrust the transportation issues. After completion of packaging, to handle the customs declaration, inspection declaration, sea/air port operations, arrange the shipping or air, the issuance of the transport documents and other related work. 4) Customs clearance, delivery VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp provide door to door to door service, goods to the port of destination, in single, customs clearance, arrange delivery, in place, pull down packaging, easy to install and take away the rubbish. At home to buy some thing such as major appliances, bedding and old furniture in the past, you know, also buy these goods more expensive abroad, at home to buy bring direct effect is to save money, and these goods is completely can use abroad. Another suggestion is to packing all the furniture, want to do this because manufacturer manufacturer of packaging are with LOGO, when foreign customs clearance, customs a look you know you are new packaging, packaging with their material, can be used as items in Australia do customs declaration, to evade taxes, if FCL item is brand new, we feel better will declare a few items as new, most of the items to declare when old. , of course, this kind of practice is not very good, but is seen on the Internet these days had international logistics knowledge and introduces some experiences of the experience of writing and are such operation, the success rate is very high, after all, money is the hard truth, the packing cost is very low, tax declaration is not a small number in the past, so proved true. Now a lot of international logistics lp standard service in the kingdom is not designed to provide new furniture assembly services, logistics, such as Shanghai to Taiwan at the time of your furniture to the home, the need to please other furniture master the door assembly to help you. So at the time of choosing international logistics lp, must choose good service and professional, do not covet is cheap, give oneself bring unnecessary trouble, abroad attention reasonable means to evade taxes.
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