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Ocean furniture abroad need to prepare

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
In recent years, in the tide of immigration overseas, there are quite a number of immigrants, or because of a bit, or because in foreign countries can't buy preferred furniture or other reasons, at the time of immigrants choose to furniture to abroad together. As you know, in the international transportation, large and numerous furniture, if furniture will move abroad, shipping is not second choice, moderate price and high security. However a lot of friends in plans to furniture shipped to overseas don't know what I need to prepare, leading to some confusion when shipping furniture to overseas, appeared many problems such as missing, and even furniture damaged phenomenon will occur. Today I'll share some experience and help you manage way before shipping furniture to overseas need to prepare what thing, can avoid some unnecessary trouble. 。 Step 1: prepare list items. This is shipping to overseas furniture is the most important step in the process, also is the first step in the whole process of shipping, is particularly important to a good start. Item list, as the name implies, is to need shipping list of furniture. When any item go through the customs, the customs staff will be asked to show items list, this is an essential part of. In the preparation of listing items at the same time, can clearly know what is the need to transport from the listing, which is no need to transport, according to their actual requirements in terms of trade-offs, this step is when furniture of shipping to the United States can effectively improve the quality of transportation. Some immigrant friends don't know the format of the list or other requirements, in fact you only need to find a piece of white paper items in order to be written to the other without too much modification. Step 2: prepare all kinds of certificates. Any goods during transportation customs clearance abroad need to prepare the corresponding documents, customs clearance data believe that when you plan to immigrate to overseas has been all know, don't need me here here. If you find a good logistics lp service, all of them will be finished for you, don't need you to hold a distraction. But don't you fuck a distraction mean not to say that you can be a shopkeeper of cutting, also no matter what thing, you need to cooperate with them to provide specified documents. Step 3: look for logistics lp. How to find a professional international logistics lp, in the process of the whole Marine furniture to overseas is very important. Because the market demand is bigger, so is a lot of professional international logistics lp, there is competition will have a better service. Pick the most important content is to look at the service international logistics lp and his professional degree, in the case of a price equal to see the company's service content, in the case of service content equivalent to see the company's business scale, shop around to do. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain is specialized in international shipping/air transportation logistics; Furniture furniture/personal items/checked multinational; Logistics abroad/back door to door double clearance through-train service. The door packaging, take the at or above the county level cities of China, the business scope covers nearly countries/regions around the world. Step 4: waiting to sign for it. From furniture logistics lp packaging being truck towed to start, to your home in the United States received furniture, the entire cycle of shipping takes about 45 days or so, including warehousing, packing, customs declaration, customs clearance, delivery home medium series of processes. When you were in overseas home to sign for the checked items must be carefully check each items are in good condition, whether the missing part, whether all items arrived safely. If you are not very clear, every object list at this time can be a good sign for work done to help you. Step 5: follow-up communication problems. When you sign for it, about the shipping of furniture all process basic came to an end, if the goods do not have any problem, you can send a smiling face to international logistics lp, thanks to the perfect cooperation of this time between you. If the goods appear in some cases, you can contact international logistics lp, let them to assist you to complete compensation.
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