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Must know the details of -logistics to Australia

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
There are more and more friends who are going to study in Australia and even immigrate in China. They will all move to Australia and bring their own personal belongings. When the night is quiet, you in a foreign country are still lying on a familiar bed, the surrounding furnishings are still the same, but in a foreign country you feel like you are still at home. How to transport your personal belongings to Australia safely and duty-free is a very important issue, which involves many links, such as: packaging, customs declaration, shipping, customs clearance, etc. If you have to find a different company to do each link, wouldn't it be because the whole process has gone down and the hair is all white. Now there are international logistics companies specializing in door-to-door service in the market. First of all, the identity is suitable. The identities that can transport personal belongings are: foreign residents holding long-term visas and permanent visas, and returning citizens. The following is the transportation experience summarized by VIPU Supply Chain international logistics for many years:    1. Choose a shipping company, choose a shipping logistics agency that can provide 'door to door' services, and the professional terms are 'Door to Door'. The usual shipping LCL companies only Provide 'station to station' service, the professional terms are 'CFS to CFS  2. The advantage of choosing 'door-to-door' is that the agent at the place of shipment picks up the goods and the agent at the destination delivers the goods, which is convenient and simple. For customers in inland cities, there is no need to bother to deliver to the port and pick up the goods at the destination warehouse. 3. Route map of international transportation, starting place-land transportation company warehouse-shipping company warehouse-port warehouse-export customs clearance inspection-shipment-sea freight-arrival at destination port-land transportation to destination warehouse-destination import customs clearance-delivery to door Or pick up the goods at the warehouse yourself.  4. Sea freight and land freight are usually charged by volume, generally starting from one cubic meter, and less than one cubic meter is calculated as one cubic meter. For example, if you check 0.5 cubic meters of luggage, you will be charged for 1 cubic meter, and if you transport 1.5 cubic meters, you will be charged for 2 cubic meters. The confirmed volume on site must be measured well, so as not to report a large actual volume and increase costs.  5. The cost details should be divided into the origin, customs declaration fee, ocean freight, destination customs clearance and delivery fee, but you must ask clearly what services are included and what services are not included. The general hidden costs include miscellaneous fees at the port of destination, demurrage, inspection fees, terminal fees, installation fees, noon transportation fees, etc., compare prices and services. The cost-effectiveness of international logistics, sea luggage consignment and sea freight consolidation services:   6. The specific process of sea consignment processing:   Preparation part:    (1) Pack your luggage and pack it; buy a seven-layered carton, a harder one International shipping is conducive to protecting your luggage.  (2) Measure and record the volume and weight of the box for future verification. (3) Make a packing list, write down the size and weight of each box, and the item details of each box (if you consign electrical appliances, please make sure to write down the model and serial number, not on the list, but can be used later ) The detailed packing list facilitates customs clearance and reduces the possibility of customs unpacking and inspection.  (4) Please pay attention to the customs regulations of the destination country. Most countries restrict the entry of medicines, animals, plants and other foods. Do not violate them to avoid fines.  (5) Each box must be clearly written, the name of the consignee, the address of the destination, and the contact number (the contact number overseas).  (6) Number each box.  (7) Take photos of all the boxes in case of damage claims.  Transportation part:  (1) Consult several shipping companies, 'shop aroundDon't just compare prices, but also compare services, and visit their company to avoid encountering shell companies.  (2) If you choose the 'port-to-port' service, you need to contact the land transportation company to transport your luggage to the shipping company's warehouse.  (3) Please confirm with the agent company the documents and certificates required for customs declaration. Some port customs require the original passport, a copy of the immigration paper and a list of items. Customs clearance usually takes 2 to 3 days.   (4) After the customs declaration is completed, the shipping company arranges the loading and shipping schedule for shipment. After sailing, the agency will charge you the freight and issue a bill of lading to you. The bill of lading is a proof of goods, please keep it properly. The contact information of the destination agent is usually printed on the bill of lading. (5) One week before the ship arrives at the port, the destination agent will contact you to arrange exchange of orders, customs declaration, delivery and other matters.   International shipping is popular among immigrants due to its relatively economical freight rates (compared to land and air transportation). However, because it is international transportation, the procedures to be handled are more complicated than domestic transportation, and the types of expenses involved are much more than that of domestic transportation, such as customs declaration fees, commodity inspection fees, and terminal fees. At any time, logistics is considered a big project for us, especially this kind of transnational long-distance logistics is a matter that requires a lot of effort, so as a new immigrant, we must first be familiar with and understand the knowledge of international logistics in order to In order to better save time and cost, smoothly complete long-distance logistics tasks. VIPU Supply Chain International Logistics (Shanghai VIPU Supply Chain International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.) has been focusing on the international transportation of personal goods since 2005 and has a history of more than 10 years. Through professional operation, we are dedicated to providing the most professional international transportation solutions for immigrants, international students, foreign teachers, relatives, foreign companies in China and people going abroad, covering international luggage consignment and logistics door-to-door services around the world.
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