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Multinational instruments shipper need to pay attention to what problem?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Often there will be some migration study in logistics or customer want to transport instruments, small musical instrument can bring it with you, but like the guitar, cello, large instruments like the guzheng, piano, more than the random check limit, so often choose Courier or shipping transportation, so when we checked big instruments should pay attention to what issues? First, Musical Instruments before shipping, first look at the size of the instrument, best to produce a high density planks wooden cases. ( International shipping is not allowed to have solid wood and timber packaging) So it can guarantee the safety of the instrument very well. Wooden case is to use fumigation-free boards, so that we can export to Europe and the United States, need to pay attention to, while the safety of the pack the goods in wooden cases improved a lot, but will certainly increase the volume and weight for you to pack the goods in wooden cases, the cost will increase, if it is a measure the volume weight is greater than the actual weight, it will charge according to the volume weight. Second, packaging, transport is the most crucial step is to ensure that the instrument security, here are some Suggestions for about the instrument's own packaging: 1, guzheng ( 1) Loose jean wong, jean code ( 2) Will, code unification with PE bag, good on the piano box ( 3) Koto harp surface and two head need to add protection, can't direct contact with the walls. Part of guzheng bring hard piano box can directly add fiber bag protection with transport, after the other without strong packing can be customized fumigation-free packing shipment, can fully protect transportation safety. ( 4) How to prepare a set of strings, avoid in a foreign country can't buy 2, piano ( 1) White cotton whole package protection paint scratch-resistant flowers. ( 2) Do anti-shock treatment with pearl cotton. ( 3) Piano edges with bead joint protection. ( 4) The final cut hard cardboard packaging. ( 5) To reinforce the wooden box, built from steamed smoked pallets. 3, other Musical Instruments like the violin, guitar, erhu, pipa, 1) Adjust the strings knobs, strings will be transferred to the loose state ( 2) In the play area at the bottom of the mat a layer of soft cloth or soft paper, reduce the distance the strings down, soft cloth at the same time also can absorb shock energy, can provide effective protection. Third, looking for a professional international logistics lp luggage, personal belongings of the international logistics service companies can undertake check in various instruments abroad services, can provide other large instruments like the guzheng, piano professional and safe outer packaging, prevent damage of Musical Instruments in the process of transportation, 4 in case one thousand, suggest that buy insurance for Musical Instruments, thus instruments of any damage, don't have to bear the cost of maintenance, this for valuables like musical instrument, it is very necessary. After all Musical Instruments is a valuables, once appear problem, maintenance costs will be high. To buy a copy of such insurance, but also to peace, so suggest you to buy as far as possible.
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