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MSDS is required when exporting chemicals and

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
MSDS is required for sea export

Chemicals (not classified as dangerous goods)
Before exporting, it is necessary to make a chemical inspection report (appraisal of cargo transportation conditions) to prove that the goods are not dangerous goods.
FCL-some ships require an appraisal, and some do not. In addition, a non-dangerous guarantee and a cargo MSDS must be issued, both of which are essential.
LCL-non-dangerous guarantee and cargo description (Chinese and English product name, molecular structure, appearance and use) are required.

Dangerous goods
Before exporting, it is necessary to prepare a result sheet (dangerous package certificate) for the transportation and packaging of dangerous goods. Of course, MSDS is also required.
FCL-Before booking, you need to provide the above two documents to apply, and wait for the owner to review. Generally, within 3-5 days, you can know whether the shipowner will accept this product. Hazardous goods bookings should be applied for 10 to 14 days in advance to give both the shipper and the forwarder ample time.
LCL-The dangerous package certificate and MSDS, the weight and volume of the cargo are also required before booking.
Some chemical factories and trading companies export dangerous goods, but they cannot obtain the dangerous goods certificate and cannot export them. You can consult a professional consulting company.

The global influence of MSDS

MSDS is an important document that conveys chemical hazard information. It briefly describes the hazards of a chemical to human health and the environment and provides information on the safe handling, storage and use of the chemical. The United States, Japan, European Union countries and other developed countries have generally established and implemented MSDS systems. According to the chemical management regulations of these countries, manufacturers of hazardous chemicals usually have to provide a safety data sheet for their products when they sell, transport or export their products.

At present, the foreign requirements for MSDS (SDS) have been expanded to almost all chemicals. At this point, the chemicals exported to developed countries basically require MSDS (SDS) for smooth customs declaration. And some foreign buyers will require MSDS (SDS) of the goods, and some domestic foreign companies or joint ventures will also make this requirement.

In business operations, time is life. Only by understanding all aspects of commodity operations can we plan strategies and seize opportunities. Enterprises can be equipped with relevant professionals to pay attention to the use of product MSDS in various links of commodity circulation, and they can also find suitable third-party agencies to cooperate to help enterprises collect and analyze information and solve problems in commodity circulation immediately.
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