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Moved overseas, to teach you how to choose the right international logistics lp

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
If you often watch the news, I believe that all kinds of logistics of fraud, with me, be news have become common. For a long time, the domestic logistics lp in & other; The Wolf more meat less & throughout; In the situation. Due to the low threshold of the logistics industry, thus attracted a lot of gold. Especially the first-tier cities, such as north shenzhen affected by life, work and so on reasons, a lot of people are in the condition of frequent logistics. So, this also caused the industry, finally let the logistics industry to the public opinion & other Forefront & throughout; 。 On the other hand, the national most consumers are also called for market normalization. Then we should be how to choose suitable international logistics lp? First, pay attention to distinguish the difference between international logistics lp and the shipping company. The following is a professional international logistics lp and freight company to contrast: 1, the international logistics lp is specialized is engaged in the international transportation service, personal belongings and not engaged in international trade transportation service, have the ability in a short period of time will be more than the customer's personal belongings into a container shipment; The international freight company ( Of course including EMS, Fedex, UPS, DHL international Courier company which mainly by air, and some pure NVOCC, NVOCC, freight forwarders) Their main industry is a trade manufacturers export agent for the transportation of goods, for the lack of professional international logistics industry, usually the personal belongings of the mode of operation for the customer with goods together into a container shipment, likely part of the fragile and big handicraft is stacked above trade of goods, so it is easy to damage. 2, international logistics lp sales staff for logistics each link, destination country local conditions and customs, and destination country for personal belongings import policy very understand, in the consultation phase will carry some local advising clients to more countries to buy more expensive in China cheaper goods, and according to the customer's schedule to make travel plans and advising clients to choose reasonable way of declaration, arrange shipment way ( Such as: LCL or FCL transport) And so on, in order to make logistics to achieve the highest cost performance; The international shipping company can only provide simple international logistics information consulting. 3, professional international logistics lp has experienced packaging team, can provide all goods with packing suitable for international transport services, and classified listing ( Such as child room, old person room items, master room, living room, etc. , convenient for the customer after receipt abroad quickly find urgent need goods) ; The international freight forwarder is consignor requirements ( Owner) Must first own packaged the item delivery freight company to check in warehouse, general advice the customer is using a port to port or port to door service ( Owner send goods to freight company designated warehouses supervised warehouse or terminal) 。 4, professional international logistics lp are members of the international logistics association, in destination country partners within the company, and association for standard service: deal with private goods duty-free customs clearance, will deliver goods to customers at home and put in place, demolition of goods packaging, clean up the debris, simple assembly used in furniture, and paid to assemble new furniture, piano tuning and provide housekeeping service, etc. ; And international freight company agent at the port of destination is to do trade and import customs clearance company, may be customer clearance in the form of trade of goods, in the destination countries customs will produce the tariffs, high distribution also only will arrange the truck pick up the goods from the port to receiving goods address below, does not provide the unloading and door-to-door service. 5, professional international logistics lp to make quotation, will as long as it is produces in the process of logistics cost are included ( Such as the port of destination port fees, customs inspection or inspection and quarantine fees) And reaction in a contract of carriage, without any hidden costs to customers; And international shipping companies usually reimbursed with operation mode is the requirement of the customer, and ask the customer the cost of produce to their agent at the port of destination, or simply will produce a fee in the contract as may produce cost, to the client. Believe that immigrants have international logistics demand friend look after the above introduction will have a better understanding on the international logistics, also will be more careful when choosing international logistics lp.
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