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Before understanding the cross-border logistics system, let's first understand some cross-border logistics. What is cross-border logistics? Cross-border logistics refers to the plan, implementation and control management process of the effective flow and storage of physical objects and information with both sides of the customs territory as endpoints. Then the cross-border logistics system is the work of the whole system chain formed on the basis of cross-border logistics. What are the contents of the customs declaration work of the cross-border logistics system? What are the contents of goods declaration in cross-border logistics system? . The whole procedure of jpg customs declaration is divided into three stages: declaration, inspection and release. (I) Declaration of import and export goods, the consignee or consignor of import and export goods or their agents, when importing and exporting goods, should fill in the import and export goods declaration form in the form prescribed by the customs within the time limit stipulated by the Customs, attach relevant freight and commercial documents, and provide certificates for approving the import and export of goods, and declare to the customs. The main documents for customs declaration are as follows: Import goods declaration form. Export goods declaration form. Into (Out)Export cargo permit. Commodity inspection certificate. In addition to the above documents, for other import and export control goods stipulated by the state, the customs declaration unit must also submit a specific import and export goods approval document issued by the competent department of the state to the customs, it will be released after the customs has passed the inspection. Such as food hygiene inspection, drug inspection, animal and plant quarantine, signing of Cultural Relics Export, management of gold and silver and their products, management of precious and rare wild animals, the management of import and export shooting sports, hunting guns and ammunition and civilian blasting materials, and the management of import and export audio-visual products are all included. (II) The inspection of import and export goods, import and export goods, except for the special inspection of the General Administration of Customs, should be subject to customs inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to check whether the contents reported in the customs declaration documents are consistent with the actual arrival of the goods, whether there are false reports, false reports, false reports, etc. , and whether the import and export of the goods are legal. Customs inspection of goods shall be carried out at the time and place specified by the Customs. If there are special reasons, the Customs may send personnel to inquire outside the specified time and place. Applicants should provide round-trip transportation and accommodation and pay for them. (III) The release of import and export goods, the customs declaration of import and export goods, after reviewing the customs declaration documents, checking the actual goods, and handling the formalities for collecting goods taxes or tax reduction and exemption according to law, the relevant documents shall be stamped with a release stamp before the owner of the goods or his agent can withdraw or ship the goods. At this time, the customs supervision of import and export goods is over.
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