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by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-21
What kind of logistics is good for cross-border e-commerce logistics packets? Then we need to know what logistics is there first? While introducing these logistics, the seller may wish to think about whether this logistics model is the most cost-effective. There are various modes of cross-border e-commerce logistics. Today we will specifically learn about one-Postal Parcel. Postal parcels are also called China Post air parcels, also known as international parcels. International parcel service is an international and domestic postal parcel service carried out by China Post. It belongs to the category of postal air parcel service and is an economical and practical international express service project. It can reach various postal outlets in more than 230 countries and regions around the world. Although the postal parcel has some shortcomings, it also has its own advantages: 1. Speed advantage: the postal parcel is directly handed over to China post without transit to Hong Kong. After The Mail is delivered to the Post Office, on the same day, you can find the package status delivery request on the China Post Network. 2. China Post's packet security and low packet loss rate; Registration can be tracked throughout the process. 3. At present, the most widely distributed outlets are postal services. As long as there is a post office, postal parcels can be safely delivered, except for a few countries and regions. 4, affordable, compared to the current famous four Express ( TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEX) In terms of price, postal parcels have an absolute advantage. Postal parcels, postal, this is a special phenomenon. The long history, the widest network, the state-owned characteristics, the low price, etc. are the characteristics of the postal model. Based on the large platform of the Universal Postal Union, it can effectively achieve the goal of direct distribution of e-commerce products around the world, which is unmatched by other business models. From the perspective of China's cross-border export e-commerce, the postal model has produced two modes: China Post and foreign mail. In a word, postal mode is one of the commonly used logistics modes for corresponding products on the corresponding platform. To put it simply: platform features, product features, sales prices, etc. , even if the service and timeliness are not good, they have to be used. Cross-border e-commerce logistics is selected according to local conditions in combination with its own shops. Amazon merchants in China and Amazon merchants in the United States do not necessarily choose the same logistics, but do cross-border logistics, there is always a model that most sellers like and use.
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