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by:VIPUTRANS     2020-01-21
Many cross-border e-commerce sellers have just opened stores but are not very familiar with the logistics industry, so it is easy to waste a sum of money. What is the cost of logistics? How should sellers of cross-border e-commerce try to reduce logistics costs? According to the logistics link, the cost formula is as follows: Domestic warehouse arrival cost, international logistics cost and logistics after-sales processing cost; From these three angles, simply say, how to reduce costs: 1. Reduce domestic warehouse cost 1) In operation, the same logistics warehouse and the same domestic logistics mode can be fixed, so that it can be sent to the domestic warehouse regularly. 2) Free door-to-door collection of logistics providers, this general logistics providers will have regional or order quantity restrictions; 2. Reducing logistics after-sales processing costs, such costs are hidden, but also crucial. Any logistics provider has the situation of losing packets and missing packets. Once such problems occur, it is easy to have both money and goods; 3. To reduce the cost of international logistics, the price of international logistics providers is more complicated now, but basically the higher the order quantity, the higher the discount offered by logistics providers and the lower the cost. In addition, choosing the appropriate logistics mode corresponding to the destination country can also reduce the logistics cost; Based on the above principles, it is recommended that beginners can choose Ali worry-free at the beginning. Its advantages are strong comprehensive ability, some areas can be collected at home, and disputes and costs arising from logistics problems will be automatically refunded to sellers; The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high; If you have a deep understanding of international logistics, you can boldly try e-mail, China Post registration and other logistics methods, they also have their own advantages. On 2020, welcome to the VIPUTRANS official website. Here is the latest and most complete cross-border e-commerce knowledge dry goods. I hope you can find what you want here.
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