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More professional logistics to Melbourne which international logistics lp

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Melbourne is Australia's second largest city, continuous for many years was named the world's most suitable for human habitation, there are many Chinese immigrants, will be one of Melbourne, Australia as a destination for the city. Immigrants to Melbourne after part of people will choose to domestic life, such as furniture and belongings logistics in the past. To their actions and international logistics for such a big action is clearly impossible, this time will choose international logistics lp to complete. So logistics to Melbourne which company is better? VIPU Supply Chain you remind friends, see the logistics to Melbourne company more professional, need from the following three aspects to compare. Professional logistics company to Melbourne, can provide duty-free customs clearance service. A lot of immigrants friends logistics to Melbourne, in the official website consulting VIPU Supply Chain jun will be more concerned about a problem: logistics to Melbourne what about the tax clearance condition, what kind of identity to be eligible for exemption. VIPU Supply Chain you will introduce you to Melbourne, Australia, the city's customs related tax policy: A. Australian government regulations, new immigrants or citizens living abroad, can and will be in the home have to use more than one year or more, personal belongings and personal property tax to Australia, if there are any new items and then declare to the customs, in accordance with the customs policy need to pay 5% duty and 10% GST. B。 Australia is world famous for the protection of the environment, all the personal belongings of entry to Australia must pass through the AQIS inspection and quarantine rear can release, some items may impact on the local environment, the customs will negotiate processing and the consignee, such as disinfection, destroy, and to return. C。 Private goods customs clearance without the consignee on the scene, but the consignee provide passport photo page and visa page copy and fill out a personal items duty-free entry application form ( B534) After, provide packing list and Marine bill of lading for customs clearance. Professional logistics company to Melbourne, can provide professional furniture packaging service to the customers. Logistics to Melbourne journey faraway, midway need to pass road transport, warehouse loading and unloading and long time of shipping, customs clearance, inspection, and many other steps, a link any improper operation, is likely to cause the damage of the furniture, VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp can be friends for the general customers to provide a high quality international logistics private goods packaging services, furniture packaging services. Professional logistics company to Melbourne, can provide customers with customs clearance and delivery to your door and furniture location service. Whether to Melbourne long-distance logistics lp professional, the key depends on whether the company can provide customers with private goods customs clearance in destination country sent door-to-door service. Ordinary freight company can only provide cargo customs clearance and delivery service, can send goods unloaded to Melbourne, dismantled goods outer packing and the ability to restore homing in the home, can only be done professional international logistics lp, such as our VIPU Supply Chain international logistics lp. Although this literal difference is not too big, but the actual operation will know that is not the same completely. Can say only experienced people can understand, unloading by clearing up the rubbish and put place how much the amount of work. Above is VIPU Supply Chain jun summary for all options to Melbourne long-distance logistics lp's standards, logistics to Melbourne company to operate a more professional, believe that friends should know something about. If still don't understand, be sure to find VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp website online customer service to ask.
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