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Mobile power supply FBA Amazon first journey to

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-15
Mr. Zhu from Tangxia, Dongguan, is the boss of a factory that manufactures mobile power supplies. In the early years, he has registered several brands for his products. Some are specifically for domestic business, and some It is a brand that is professionally sold overseas.

As early as the first two years, Mr. Zhu tried to create a professional team that sells products overseas. After two years of exploration, he finally made a small difference. At present, their factory's own brands are in Amazon America, Amazon Japan, and Amazon UK platforms. Hot sales. It seems that the overseas sales test for mobile power products in the past two years has been successful.

Recently, Mr. Zhu found VIPUTRANS from the Internet search, hoping to find a more secure Amazon FBA logistics channel for shipping to the United States. After communicating with our salesperson, Ms. SANDY, we formulated a detailed plan based on the product characteristics of Mr. Zhu’s factory A one-stop plan for cargo delivery, booking, FBA customs declaration, and FBA customs clearance. Based on the characteristics of the industry, Mr. Zhu decided to choose the VIPUTRANS main promotion of Mason Clippers logistics. Because Mason Clippers have short voyage times, fixed cycles, and relatively cheap prices Features.

Due to the built-in lithium-ion battery and the characteristics of inflammable and explosive, many international freight companies cannot carry mobile power. However, VIPUTRANS has a professional experience with its professional business quality and years of transportation experience and control of sensitive items. And mature business production line.

After preparing the goods from the factory, Mr. Zhu will hand over the factory products to VIPUTRANS to pick up the goods, transport them to the port for customs clearance, etc., and then ship them to the United States to Amazon's designated warehouses. The time limit is about one month. Mr. Zhu's business capabilities for VIPUTRANS We are very satisfied with the timeliness of logistics and transportation, and decided that after this trial, large quantities of goods will be handed over to VIPUTRANS cross-border logistics.
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