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Mobile phone lithium battery electric car battery

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-10
VIPUTRANS can provide cross-border sellers with mobile phone batteries, electric bicycles, electric car rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries and other dangerous goods such as Amazon head transportation, FBA sea freight, FBA air freight, and logistics services to foreign countries: both sea and air can take goods. .

However, there are the following points that need to be paid attention to by partners, which are now listed as follows:

1. Things with lithium batteries support shipping, but they need to be exported as dangerous goods.

2. Lithium batteries belong to nine categories of dangerous goods and require two types of packaging. First of all, if you are a manufacturer, you need to go to the Commodity Inspection Bureau to make a battery record. The dangerous package certificate you mentioned requires the carton factory to first issue a dangerous goods packaging performance result sheet. You take this list and your battery classification certificate (this is also done by the Commodity Inspection Bureau) to the Commodity Inspection Bureau to replace the dangerous package certificate.

3. The information required for exit inspection is similar to that of ordinary goods, except that there is an additional filing form. However, the requirements of the local commodity inspection bureau may be slightly different. It is recommended that you call the commodity inspection bureau to ask.

4. In addition, you need UN38.3 report for sea and air transportation, and MSDS for sea transportation. With these, the lithium battery is OK.

In addition, there are some detailed requirements and precautions, freight rates and timeliness, etc., we suggest you to understand in detail with our business manager. If you have lithium batteries sent abroad, rechargeable batteries exported to Amazon, FBA first-way transportation, etc.
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