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Ministry of Transport: to ensure the smooth transportation

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-02
Recently, the Ministry of Transport issued a notice requesting all provincial-level transportation authorities to resolutely block the spread of the virus through transportation channels to accurately prevent and control the epidemic and ensure that key production and life such as fresh agricultural products enter Beijing. The 'three guarantees and one unblocked' for material transportation, namely: ensuring the effective docking of transportation supply and demand, ensuring the timely deployment of emergency capacity, ensuring the protection of drivers and passengers in place, and ensuring smooth transportation channels in and out of Beijing.

The notice requires that the relevant provincial transportation authorities should focus on understanding the operation of the province’s supply of fresh agricultural products to the Beijing area, and cooperate with the development and reform, agriculture and rural areas, and commerce departments to organize large-scale logistics and transportation companies and key agricultural product distribution units to carry out supply and demand docking , To promote close cooperation between the two parties.

At the same time, the provincial transportation authorities are required to cooperate with relevant departments to ensure the supply of production materials for key production and manufacturing industries in Beijing, and do a good job in matching transportation supply and demand and information liaison.

The notice clearly stated that for vehicles transporting fresh and live agricultural products to Beijing, the 'green channel' free and fast-passing policy shall be strictly implemented.

For vehicles holding the 'Emergency Material Transfer (Transfer) Certificate' issued by the relevant commissions (bureaus) of Beijing, priority and convenient traffic shall be guaranteed.

The Beijing Municipal Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic shall apply for the 'Emergency Transport Pass' in accordance with relevant regulations and apply for the 'Emergency Transport Pass' in accordance with the relevant regulations and apply for the 'Emergency Transport Pass' for free and convenient transportation.

The notice requires that the transportation authorities of all provinces should improve capacity reserves, strengthen coordinated scheduling, do a good job in the transfer and transportation of materials entering Beijing, and provide strong transportation service guarantees for key production and living materials entering Beijing.

In accordance with the requirements of 'closed management, no contact with personnel, and strict disinfection of vehicles', we must do a good job in the disinfection of transportation vehicles, stations, and protection of employees, strengthen the management of epidemic prevention of freight vehicles and personnel entering and leaving Beijing, and reduce the spread of new crowns through road freight The risk of virus.

It is necessary to promote the improvement of the inspection efficiency of transportation vehicles for key production and living materials in and out of Beijing, and to reduce the queuing of vehicles; it is necessary to implement the relevant decisions and arrangements of the State Council, and for drivers, stevedores and other employees who transport materials to Beijing in a short period of time, on the premise of normal temperature detection and closed management In principle, there is no need to take measures to isolate for 14 days.

The notice announced the emergency transportation security telephone numbers of the provincial transportation departments, requiring strict implementation of the on-duty system, keeping the emergency transportation security telephones open 24 hours a day, and promptly accepting and coordinating and solving related vehicle traffic problems. (Reporter Qiao Xuefeng)
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