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Ministry of Transport: Speed ??up the improvement

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-26
On January 3, the Ministry of Transport issued the “Opinions of the General Office of the Ministry of Transport on Promoting the Construction of Township Transport Service Stations and Accelerating the Improvement of the Rural Logistics Network Node System”, which requires that the county, township, and village three-level rural logistics network node system be accelerated.

The 'Opinions' require that the construction of township transportation service stations be the focus, and the construction of a three-level rural logistics network node system at the county, township and village levels shall be promoted from five aspects.

One is to increase the coverage of rural logistics network nodes. Coordinate the utilization of multiple resources, actively strengthen the linkage and coordination with the agriculture, commerce, supply and marketing, postal and other departments, effectively integrate multiple resources, and according to the actual development of the local area and characteristic advantages. Make full use of township passenger transport stations, traffic management stations, road maintenance stations and other station facilities for transformation and upgrading, improve the rural logistics network node system according to local conditions, and make up for the shortcomings of rural logistics network node construction in poor areas.

The second is to innovate the rural logistics operation model. Encourage the development of new forms of 'Internet +' rural logistics, support enterprises in developing a car-free carrier logistics model in rural logistics, integrate social idle capacity and decentralized sources of goods, and achieve precise matching of logistics elements such as people, vehicles, goods, stations, and lines. Fully tap the cargo space resources of urban and rural passenger transport lines, develop small-parcel express, e-commerce express and other service markets, and realize the same network and resource sharing of passenger and freight.

The third is to strengthen the construction of rural logistics information. Support county-level rural logistics centers or leading rural logistics enterprises to build a unified rural logistics comprehensive information service platform at county level, improve the platform's online transaction, capacity scheduling, process monitoring, settlement and payment, financial insurance, big data analysis and other service functions, and strengthen Effectively connect with e-commerce, postal express and other platforms to realize the efficient integration and reasonable allocation of rural logistics information resources at the county, township, and village levels.

The fourth is to promote the application of advanced logistics equipment. Encourage enterprises in rural logistics, postal express, e-commerce, and chain operations to apply standardized, unitized equipment such as pallets, container baskets, and vans, and specialized packaging, sorting, and handling equipment to improve the efficiency of rural logistics operations and reduce damage to goods difference. Encourage qualified areas to develop agricultural products cold chain logistics, support agricultural logistics nodes to strengthen the construction of cold storage and thermal storage facilities, and improve the agricultural cold chain logistics service system.

Fifth, cultivate leading enterprises. Support rural logistics backbone enterprises to strengthen cooperation with enterprises such as e-commerce, postal services, express delivery, supply and marketing, and realize the timely collection and matching of supply and transportation resources. Integrate the scattered logistics business households in the county through alliances and franchise with the brand as a link, coordinate and organize the development of rural logistics business in the county, and reverse the pattern of scattered entities in the rural logistics market, poor operational efficiency, and weak competitiveness.

From 2017 to 2018, all regions and cities in our province promoted the construction of 200 township integrated transportation service stations, attracting enterprises from supply and marketing, postal services, e-commerce Taobao, delivery, and LTL to settle in, and integrate logistics and freight functions in township integrated transportation service stations to achieve functions With superposition and multi-station integration, the prototype of the township logistics network node has emerged, and each district and city has successfully built a model county. In 2019, the transportation department of our province will strive to build a three-level logistics network node covering 60% of the county area of ??the province, guide the two major enterprises of transportation and post to carry out cooperation in branch transportation and express delivery, and vigorously promote 'transportation + characteristic industry'. New models such as transportation + eco-tourism' and 'transportation + e-commerce express'.
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