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Ministry of Transport: Comprehensively enhance

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-14
On the 18th, the State Council's joint defense and joint control mechanism held a press conference on improving the capacity of international freight corridors. At the meeting, Li Tianbi, Director of Safety of the Ministry of Transport and Director of the Water Transport Bureau, said that due to the epidemic situation at home and abroad, my country's international freight had a backlog of international mail, some important production materials, medical materials and difficulties in international transportation of consumer goods. The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to enhancing my country's international freight capacity, ensuring the stability of the international logistics supply chain, and have focused on two aspects of work.

Li Tianbi introduced, first, the establishment of a logistics class to coordinate international logistics. The Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Commerce and other 12 departments have set up special classes for international logistics work to comprehensively coordinate and solve the problems in international logistics. Since the establishment of the special class, we have focused on studying and promulgating policies and measures to improve the capacity of international freight; promote the solution of the inspection and isolation of international freight crews; comprehensively complete the transport security of foreign aid for epidemic prevention materials; and strive to solve the backlog of international mail. Actively coordinate the cooperation between China Post Group and COSCO Shipping Group in carrying out demand matching, and cooperate in the development of shipping of sea mail. At present, COSCO SHIPPING has shipped some shipping mail containers to Japan, New Zealand, Israel and other countries. The next step is to continuously expand routes and increase the carrying capacity.

Second, take practical measures to comprehensively enhance the international freight capacity. The Ministry of Transport, together with related departments, focuses on four aspects. One is to increase the capacity of international air cargo and encourage airlines to use passenger aircraft to fly non-stop. The second is to improve the transportation support capacity of China-Europe trains, mainly to increase the frequency of trains. The third is to open up international express ship transportation. By reducing the number of port calls, increasing the speed and shortening the transportation time, it has opened up new channels for solving the backlog of postal express mail. The fourth is to strengthen the deployment of transportation capacity and ensure the normal progress of international road transportation through port transportation.

Li Tianbi said that the next step will be to promptly promote the introduction of relevant policies and strengthen implementation, strengthen the demand for key departments and key enterprises and transportation guarantees, and promote the construction of international logistics supply chain information systems. (Source: People's Network)
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