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Ministry of Transport: Adjusting Beijing's transportation

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-30
On June 18, the Ministry of Transport issued the 'Notice on Further Strengthening the Prevention and Control Measures for Transportation Epidemics and Resolutely Preventing the Rebound of the Epidemic' (referred to as the 'Notice'), requiring that the new situation of epidemic prevention and control be closely integrated, and Beijing's transportation should be adjusted according to the time and circumstances. Epidemic prevention and control measures, strengthen joint prevention and control of transportation epidemics in the 'moat' area around Beijing, strengthen material transportation guarantees and epidemic prevention management, and strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic through transportation links.

Beijing bus and subway control passenger flow, all inter-provincial passenger lines are suspended

The 'Notice' requires Beijing to strictly implement epidemic prevention measures, strictly check information on passengers leaving Beijing, strengthen epidemic prevention management for employees, ensure urban traffic protection, implement free refunds for passenger tickets entering and leaving Beijing during special periods, and timely release information on the suspension of passenger transportation in and out of Beijing.

Rong Jun, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation, said at a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Beijing on the afternoon of June 18th, starting from June 18th, Beijing public transportation companies will not exceed 90% of the full load rate of ground buses. , The rail transit full load rate is not more than 80% of the standard to control passenger flow, and ensure the order of operation by optimizing the operation organization and scheduling, rationally inputting the capacity, and initiating the flow restriction measures.

The prevention and control measures of Beijing's public transportation industry have further improved the work standards. For bus lines passing through high-risk key areas, implement disinfection of station facilities once an hour, disinfection of vehicles every time and continuous ventilation; for the new market, Rail transit stations around key areas such as Yuquan East Market and Tiantao Honglian Vegetable Market will further strengthen prevention and control measures.

After a cluster of epidemics occurred in Beijing, related cases appeared in Liaoning, Hebei, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other provinces. The 'Notice' requires that the joint prevention and control of the transportation epidemic in the 'moat' area around Beijing should be strengthened, and the business of taxis and ride-hailing vehicles in and out of Beijing should continue to be suspended. From June 19, all inter-provincial passenger lines operated by inter-provincial passenger stations in Beijing will be suspended, and passengers who have purchased tickets can refund their tickets in full. The inter-provincial chartered passenger transport service for travel in and out of Beijing continues to be suspended. The 31 trans-Beijing-Hebei bus lines that have been restored before have temporarily suspended 2 (Intercity Luanping Line, 838 Road), and it is expected that some lines will be temporarily suspended in the near future according to Hebei's requirements.

On June 18, Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Daxing International Airport simultaneously implemented the inspection of the health code and nucleic acid test certificate for passengers leaving Beijing. Passengers whose 'Beijing Healthbao' status is 'No abnormality' and no abnormality in temperature monitoring can enter. At the terminal, passengers leaving Beijing must hold a nucleic acid test certificate within 7 days. The check-in and consignment operations at Caoqiao Station in the city terminal of Daxing Airport have been suspended.

Closed management of road freight in and out of Beijing

The 'Notice' proposes that the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation should actively work with relevant departments in accordance with the overall requirements of 'closed management, no contact with personnel, and strict disinfection of vehicles' to prevent and control the epidemic situation of road freight in and out of Beijing to avoid cross-infection. Local transportation authorities should strengthen communication and docking with relevant departments. For drivers, stevedores (including postal express vehicle drivers, stevedores) and other employees who deliver materials to Beijing in a short period of time, normal temperature monitoring and closed management are required. In principle, there is no need to take measures to isolate for 14 days.

Ensure the transportation of key materials such as daily necessities in Beijing. Under the leadership of local epidemic prevention and control agencies, local transportation authorities should focus on ensuring the transportation needs of daily necessities and epidemic prevention and control materials in Beijing, coordinate the transfer of materials and ensure smooth flow, and guide road freight companies to strengthen transportation capacity Organize and deploy drivers to avoid the impact of insufficient capacity and personnel shortages on the supply of necessities and epidemic prevention and control materials in Beijing.

It is understood that the Beijing Expressway Administration will adhere to high-standard implementation of prevention and control measures in toll station areas and service areas, strictly implement measures such as disinfection in public areas, wearing masks on duty, and temperature monitoring, and strictly implement CPC card issuance, recycling, allocation, and Disinfection work in all links such as storage; for epidemic prevention and control emergency supplies, personnel and vehicles, set up special channels, front-line protection of management personnel, and special guidance, and strictly implement the principle of 'three non-one priority'.

The 'Notice' also clearly stated that it is necessary to strictly implement the prevention and control of the epidemic situation of entry and exit transportation at highway and waterway ports, and organize the “point-to-point, one-stop” transportation of inbound personnel with the most stringent measures; fully implement transportation sites and transportation Requirements for normalized prevention and control work in areas such as tools, highway service areas, highway water transport engineering construction, etc., to further improve the transportation emergency response plan for public health emergencies, to ensure prevention, control and emergency response after sporadic cases or local epidemics occur Timely and effective. (Reporter Qiao Xuefeng)
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