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Ministry of Transport: Adhere to the bottom line

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-30
The reporter learned from the Ministry of Transport that on June 13, a tanker explosion occurred in Wenling, Zhejiang. So far, the accident has caused 19 deaths and 172 were hospitalized, causing heavy losses to people's lives and property. After the accident, the Ministry of Transport issued instructions as soon as possible, requiring the resolute implementation of the spirit of the important instructions of the leaders of the central government, and instructing the transportation department of Zhejiang Province under the leadership of the local party committee and government to deal with the wounded, investigate the accident, restore traffic, and deal with the aftermath And so on.

The leaders of the transportation department quickly connected with the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Transportation to make arrangements for emergency handling of accidents and related work safety. The main responsible comrades of the Transportation Service Department of the Ministry of Transport rushed to the scene immediately to guide the local transportation department to carry out emergency rescue of the accident and do a good job in the aftermath. On June 14th, in order to draw lessons from the accident and draw inferences from one another, the Ministry of Transport issued the 'Emergency Notice on Effectively Doing a Good Job in Safety Production in Key Fields such as the Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals and Resolutely Containing Major Work Safety Accidents' to deploy and strengthen industry safety production. .

Be deeply vigilant and fully understand the severity of the current traffic and transportation safety production situation and the urgency of doing a good job in safety production. In-depth implementation of General Secretary Jin Ping's important exposition on production safety, firmly establish a people-centered development philosophy, strictly implement safety supervision and corporate responsibility, adhere to the red line, and resolutely curb serious and serious accidents.

Act quickly and make every effort to manage the transportation safety of hazardous chemicals. Strengthen the supervision and law enforcement of the road transportation of hazardous chemicals, strictly monitor the dynamic monitoring of vehicles and drivers; strengthen the safety management of the storage and operation of hazardous chemicals in the port, strengthen the assessment and control of major risks in areas where hazardous chemicals are concentrated in the port; strictly enforce the safety of hazardous chemicals on the waterway Management, it is strictly forbidden to transport over-range, over-capacity and sick ships; strengthen the safety management of the parking of dangerous chemicals and ships.

By analogy, we will comprehensively strengthen the prevention of major security risks in other key areas of the industry. Pay close attention to the risks of long-distance passenger transport lines and inter-provincial chartered tourist transport, urban buses and rail transit dangerous goods entering stations and large passenger flow safety risks, passenger ferry, ro-ro passenger ships, tourist ships and cruise ships under severe weather conditions Navigation risks, high-risk construction and site safety risks of highway and water transportation projects, fire risks in densely populated places and key locations, strictly implement control measures to effectively prevent and contain various accidents.

Consolidate responsibilities and earnestly grasp the three-year action of special rectification of production safety. In accordance with the national three-year action plan for special rectification of production safety and the overall deployment of the three-year action implementation plan for the industry, we quickly organized and carried out a comprehensive investigation of hidden dangers of industry safety production accidents and treatment of outstanding problems, and made every effort to make up for shortcomings, solid floors, strengths and weaknesses, and plug loopholes. Efforts will be made to promote the modernization of the industry's safety production governance system and governance capabilities.

Advance prevention, and earnestly do a good job in flood prevention and typhoon prevention and normalized epidemic prevention and control safety production. In view of the current summer flood season, the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production, etc., strengthen information tracking and situation research and judgment, strengthen prevention and early warning, innovate supervision service methods, and coordinate the promotion of epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work, and production safety. .

Strengthen emergency response and deal with various emergencies scientifically and effectively. Strengthen emergency standby, improve emergency plans and various emergency response measures, improve accident emergency response capabilities, and handle various emergencies scientifically and effectively. (Qiao Xuefeng)
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